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Anonimo 19 gennaio So I was looking forward to listening to a contemporary romance written by her. I respect your brains, and all those big words you cqlda to use. Sure, she puts up a token argument, but for every altercation she either gives in right after, or gives in after sex.

Una calda estate in Texas

I’ve listened to several of her historical romances and loved them all. I can’t really put my finger on it why. She further has the main female character get’talked into’ by the main male character within mere minutes of eating eggs, steak and other dairy products available throu Vegans beware!

Sep 03, Grazie per la segnalazione Buffy: Again she shows no backbone whatsoever. But when it’s an author you worship, someone who has given you more reading pleasure than anyone else, it’s really depressing.

He polices every aspect of her life and the entire story frames his controlling, possessive behavior as a positive thing. I’ll stick to her historicals and leave the contemps to those who thought this texaw worthy of NYT Bestseller.

Lisa is amazing in that area but this was like reading a different author, it had none of the feel of Lisa at all. Her sister and kleeypas boyfriend, both of whom play important roles in the story, do not come across as real people, which doesn’t help us get a sense of her as a person.

Like it’s not focusing on sex or some fantasy realm. A lot of dialogue, one step to a script. I love Lisa Kleypas’ historical romance texqs, but this contemporary really didn’t work for me. Jack is only kind when he’s getting his way, being sulky and petulant when he isn’t, No, the part of the book I was most interested in was with Ella and her family, especially Tara and Luke.


I’m far from a prude, but it got to the point where the sex scenes were boring because there wasn’t any point to them. The narrative forgives his actions because Ella is frequently swept away by lust, but there are times when she says again and again that she doesn’t want to engage in jna, and lkeypas he goes ahead and does it anyway. Overall, the quality of the writing is good, with a good measure of humour and sweetness, but everything else is flawed or lacking.

Trivia Uja Smooth Talking St Even with the hero, Jack, Ella’s attitude bothered me because she kept comparing him to that same ex “boyfriend” and she often asked about Jack’s previous lovers.

Ďábel na jaře by Lisa Kleypas PDF Download –

In fact, had I not known she’d written the book I’d swear someone else wrote it, it is so different from her other writing voice. Maybe it was just the name that garnered that title. By the end of the book she is no longer vegan not a huge deal, since she was only vegan to support Dean- which was dumb.

Yet, lately she hasn’t been doing it for me. Lisw January 29th by Mondadori first published January 1st I don’t like romance novels told in the first person. Because these new books just don’t measure up. Sep 10, This is a love story, if your definition of a love story involves them saying the words “I love you” and having copious amounts of sex.

And the esgate and sister were so awful. I find funny the apparent self awareness and He throws a fit about the fact that she had him in Hello Kitty socks, or that he had a stuffed bunny. If I had read this book without reading the first two books in the series I probably would have liked it even less. When she’s writing in the Victorian era, her voice is so confident, so knowing and sexy and warm, yet surprisingly witty and full of insight too. I don’t know, the traumas of rich Texans just maybe don’t do it for me.


Her “manly” heroes come across as c What is esate with Lisa Kleypas and contemporaries? The story was very generic. The way he took care of the heroine right off the back was sweet, who wouldn’t want a guy like that in real life but I wanted a little more thrill of the chase.

Romanzi Rosa Homage

I can’t help it, I like those in romance novels. Something felt missing in the romance – especially with regard to characterization.

Dopo Sugar Daddy e Il diavolo ha gli occhi azzurri, libri che mi sono piaciuti da www. I don’t wanna read about no damn babies. Pisa will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book.

But I told him there’s no shame in crying over the Astros.

It’s late though, so I guess I can’t blame Kleypas for that. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. Also I didn’t find the heroine assertive enough when her sister makes completely unfair kleupas about her being selfish and controlling – we’re told the sister is in a mentally and emotionally vulnerable place and I respect that, but I think the heroine does herself and her sister a disservice by letting the truth slide on this issue.

She has been in a open minded relationship for 4 years and she didn’t even know it. You see, when dealing with historical romance, there are some thoughts and actions that are more acceptable, depending on the time period in which the story takes place.