Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family’s kingdom. Now in paperback, the thrilling. With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin’s tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed a time of peace. But her consort, Oskan. Buy Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) 1 by Stuart Hill (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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This third book, on the other hand, has three main antagonists instead of one and only one book in which to deal with them all, which is something that can be done well, I’m sure.

Although it was still a great read and well-written, the plot from the first two books thd much more interesting and original. Peter would be like “Hi, Dad. I was eager for more of the series’ trademark battle scenes and drama, but the first chunk of the book held only the slightest hints of those elements.

Is this the last book? Instead he gattle obedient to the commands of the Mother of All, who tells him how to deal with Medea. I’m just trying to get the plot across, not the fine points of battpe these names or describing their origin and meaning. List of Characters in the Icemark Chronicles. It wasn’t pre-established ghosts could do this and there was no foreshadowing or build-up to this plot element AT ALL.

It is fast-paced and I have grown to love these characters quite a lot. Don’t get me wrong, this book isn’t bad. But as this book even said, he was the Lindenshield most in touch with his emotions, so I feel like he would feel guilt for her doing these bad things because of him and empathy for her or SOMETHING and somehow try to make amends.

Then I mistakeningly read the note lsat the publisher about how this book will reveal the dimension behind the family conflict, and right away Icenark knew MEDEA was back. While Icemark and their allies are gone, oblivious to the attack, the Vampire Queen defends Icemark in hopes of being given a soul, as her husband was for loving her.


Now Thirrn, Queen of Icemark must lead her people against a more powerful enemy, Erinor and her uncountable hordes. The Last Battle of the Icemark reintroduces us to nigh on all the main characters a vast number, it must ice,ark said! I liked the fact that gender had no bearing on the strength of the characters or their abilities. More importantly it is pacey, with likable and interesting characters and does not talk down to its readership. Sometimes the infidel is beyond help, eh, Mekhmet?

The main protagonists are largely female making hte accessible to all.

So perhaps they aren’t even as great as I remember them being. Because Medea is not alone.

Last Battle of the Icemark – Wikipedia

He wasn’t thrust into a position of leadership, but instead had to find his own place in the world and forge it for lzst. Views Read Edit View history. May 25, Sophie Cox rated it really liked it Shelves: Anyway, not only that but there is a threat to the south of people Hypolitian that was spelled really bad The characters got good character development, there was a lot more plot to this one, and everything was wrapped up nicely.

There were so many characters in this series and Hill was able to make me feel like I knew each one of them. He just felt like The Big Bad, you know?

Thirrin and her allies – werewolves, vampires, snow leopards – against the evil Erinor. Cronus completely used her as a pawn in his own scheme by controlling her, and I don’t mean he used subtle influencing or gentle nudges.

The evil one, who was filled with hatred, defied the Mother of All, and swore to become victorious one day, even after having his army destroyed. I think this is because I didn’t really care for any of them.

Last Battle of the Icemark

Thank you soooo much, GPJ, for suggesting these books. Same scenario with this one. Fox Pictures will turn the story into a major motion picture and foreign rights have been sold to over 14 countries.


Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, I commend you for what it’s worth and hope that you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time. This book seemed og most natural to me and was pretty fun to read. It’s okay as is, but it doesn’t feel organic in the slightest. My instinct tells me they were, and I have generally come to trust my instinct in such matters, but it is important to note that the chance does exist that year-old me could have been operating under an outdated set of standards and opinions and is, therefore, giving year-old me faulty information.

Aug 13, Nazmira rated batle did not like it. WHY did they do that?! Even if it was 3 years ago Articles lacking sources from September All articles lacking sources Pages to import images to Wikidata.

This book was not as good as the other 2 books before this. One element that delighted me right away was the number of scenes from Kirimin’s point of view. Once Oskan awoke from his trance he didn’t know what his role was in this situation I feel that his daughter Medea is going to be baftle vital instrument in this evil plan to rhe the battle against the Mother of All.

Children’s literature portal Fantasy portal. Unfortunately, I found this concluding novel to be rather underwhelming and disappointing, especially after the epicness of the first two. Both books told two very different, very excellent stories that both managed to thoughtfully abttle mostly realistically deal with themes of war, responsibility, family, etc. Sep 03, Erah rated it really liked it.

The story of the brave young warrior-queen who faces impossible dangers is dedicated to her. But with Medea, I never felt it. Jul 16, Raghav rated it liked it.