What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the selected history of the. Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars. A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. An editable version of the Koronus Expanse Map (Rogue Trader) Koronus Expanse Editable PSD.

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The Koronus Expanse

Those who meld with a Halo Artefact are ultimately doomed, fallen prey to xeno thirsts and waking nightmares that come to okronus their every moment.

It is composed of a few coveted worlds sitting like islands amongst the darkness of the unknown. These are stars that guttered and died long ago in some vast and sweeping catastrophe. Surrounded by vessels of all shapes and sizes, it glows with the lights of hundreds of beacons rxpanse tens of thousands of souls. The physiology of an Ork is such that they are exceptionally hard to kill and can shrug off injuries that would kill a human, and can survive and recover from having limbs severed and crudely reattached later.

Koronus Expanse

Every part of the whole is set with structures that cling like gargoyles and riddled by vaults and tunnels. The colonial palaces built on Grace were palatial fortresses for Imperial exiles of wealth and means — those worthies secretively brought to the edge of expqnse Imperium by the Cold Guild, stored in frozen vaults for their journey and returned to life in the depths of Port Wander.

Submit a new link. If the devotees of Paracelcus Thule still come and go through the Koronus Passage, then they do so secretively, avoiding both Port Wander and Footfall.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times : 40krpg

The few structures that have their own stable gravity generators are highly desired prizes and are fought over by the most powerful factions, changing hands over the corpses and regrets of their prior occupants with alarming regularity. Navigating is a far cry from traversing the established warp routes of the Calixis Sector. Finally there is the true void, still and serene except for the silent roar of mighty plasma drives as voidships pass in flight or in hope.


Where these worlds may be or what devilries they harbour are yet to emerge from the dark unknown of the Expanse, but they are there waiting like serpents in long grass.

Perhaps of all the Ioronus xenos, the nomadic Stryxis have the most “human” outlook on trade. All, however, have opportunities for enterprising Explorers, and dangers waiting to spring upon the unwary.

An average Ork stands as tall as a human but is hunched with muscle and would tower over most humans if he were to stand fully upright. However, Dxpanse do mention that you take away the vessels speed from the time, so if you had a raider with 10 speed, it would only take you 20 days to get from planet to safe jump range.

Some have beacons that broadcast distress calls out into the void, seeking sustenance from unwary travellers. Of these the most crucial to the Ork war machine are the Mekboyz who create the weapons, armour, and vehicles used by Orks to do what they do best: It is for precisely these reasons that many great powers and factions from the Calixis Sector maintain secretive koronsu in Footfall: Here, resource-rich worlds are exploited, xenos ruins excavated, trade envoys meet with heathen lords, and Imperial colonies are attempted upon sheltered worlds.

Tattered ethereal sails propel the Eclipse -class Cruiser from the depths of the void, cloaked and hidden by holofield technology far more effective than most Eldar ships.

The Koronus Expanse – Imgur

Others may have fallen into the embrace of worship of a single Chaos God, becoming a world in which war and bloodshed is the bedrock of existence, or one which has evolved an elaborate social kotonus political hierarchy around which intrigues, lies, and secrets move like poison.

The crystal constantly grows and replaces shards as they are struck expaanse, keeping the edge sharp at all times but also meaning it must be frequently used lest it become dull and blunt.

The Saynay Clan is a dynasty of corrupt monsters that fled the fetid world of Dusk after the corruption of their blood was discovered by agents of the Inquisition. From the long-dead makers of the Halo Devices to the treacherous Eldarmany expxnse powers have a claim or interest in the Koronus Expanse, and each has its own purposes and knowledge that drives it to act.


Here, religious fanatics rub shoulders with assassins, spies, fugitives from Imperial justice, narco-tribesmen, rowdy crew on furlough, and a wide range of disreputable merchants. So it is that the few debased colony palaces harbour those who eat koeonus flesh, and they are always hungry.

All that is known of Raakata comes from the accounts of Toros Umboldt, who claimed its discovery but has subsequently failed to rediscover the world in two later expeditions.

I also felt that to get from deep space from exiting a warp jump to a planet would be quicker as you would have the koronis if the star if there is one to assist in traveling to the planet. A militant Rogue Trader out for blood. Contents [ show ]. Others are warbands of corrupt and often mutated warriors, bound together under the will of a charismatic individual who is touched by the power of Chaos. Expnase in and join the community.

The greatest of these beings are called variously the Dark Godsthe Ruinous Powers exoanse, or the Chaos Godsand they promise all manner of powers and gifts to those who are foolish enough to bend their knee in worship to them. Ten citadels project from the crust, each massive as a hive, echoing and empty but for the koornus dust of expansse dead.

Rogue Traders have long left ciphered messages at the Hermitage for their allies, hidden at prearranged points within the void station. Its human population is composed of feral and vicious savages who daub themselves in ash and powered rust; the knowledge and sophistication of the ancestors who built the ruined hives and treasures rotting within are long lost to them.

The Foundling Worlds lie beyond the Cauldron, a lesser Warp Storm whose baleful churning might be seen as a warning against further exploration.