EL MAGO QUE OLVIDÓ SU PODER: Frases y cuentos para sanar el alma ( Spanish Edition). 18 November by Marco Navarro and Ingala Robl. Preview and download books by Ingala Robl, including Constelaciones familiares para la prosperidad y la abundancia, Constelaciones familiares para el amor. Results 1 – 14 of 14 Constelaciones familiares para la prosperidad y la abundancia by Robl, Ingala and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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Click below for currency options. All movements of conscience are judgements.

Ingala Robl

More precisely, they are prejudices. They judge in advance, they pre-judge what I may or may not do, again, largely without any detailed knowledge of the matter. In this sense they are also collective prejudices.

They are rrobl by the groups we belong to without our being allowed to scrutinise them. Even questioning them would already be an offence to this conscience, and accordingly, it would be punished by it and by the group it serves. As long as the deeper reasons for the existence of this conscience are not brought to light, we remain its slaves.

The basic question this conscience puts to us is: What must I think and do so that I am allowed to belong? Our conscience decides at any given moment whether we may belong or not.

Activities abroad

Ultimately, it decides from moment to moment whether we live or die. Severe breaches of its demands result in a death sentence. Who carries out the execution?


Our group, and ingalz many regards we do it ourselves, through our bad conscience. To be precise, we carry it out through our feeling guilty about what we have done and through our penance for it. Civil War in created a dilemma. How could this population of former slaves, whose every movement had been controlled, now be constrained?

Make any association with these people synonymous with fear, laziness and sexual depravity and then legally sanction and morally encourage any action of protection against them.

Ingala Robl | North American Systemic Constellations Conference

Both were inventions and robk of the African American community created by white America. Moral, educational, social and psychological superiority was the mandate of post-Civil War White America over all black people.

Despite low socio-economic status, white skin was often seen as a commodity. African Americans were kept on the bottom rung of the societal ladder by the Black Codes; policies that crippled their abilities to take advantage of the freedoms they were granted by the 13th slavery abolition14th equal protection under the law and 15th right to vote Amendments to the U. Vagrancy laws restricted their movements and allowed them to be arrested for loitering.

Would you like to experience this potent medicine? Meet directly with the wonderful plants? To taste, feel and dance with their living medicine, as a communion of perfect aliveness in which everything is realised as one?

Nature is wild, so wild it can take over.


And it always takes over. It also has a presence that is as permanent as its seasons; plants and flowers are momentary passings. If grace unlocks the door, and you open to the wildness, it will take over and assimilate you as well. Our Conference attracted a lot of newcomers, some familiar with Family and Systemic Constellations and some quite unfamiliar but eager to learn.

There was a pleasant gasp of surprise when the question: We hosted a good number of young people, which shows us that ingaka are definitely interested in this healing, learning and change modality. People came from everywhere, as presenters and attendees.

: Ingala Robl: Books

Karl-Heinz Rauscher introduced us to his Healing Voices, which he describes as an ancient healing language that he receives, during his workshop with Anngwyn St. Carola Castillo, a longtime innovator with her systemic footprints and figures, demonstrated her Reconstructive Constellations, a structure consisting of one client and three representatives where she gives the client his or her issue privately and then opens the Field to movement by all four.

Wild Communion Francesca Mason Boring: The Elk Jeffrey Rich: We Belong Melissa Roussopoulos: Collective Healing Regina Moreno: Weaving a Sacred Thread: The Forest Jamie Hasenfus: