ILBE Pack System (Fig. specifics on how these stays should seat on the shoulders and back areas or how to be adjust the stays consult the ILBE user manual. I got a really nice surplus ILBE pack for Christmas and I’m pretty but it would be nice to have a USMC manual breaking it down Barney style. Ok, so as promised to some other members I’ve collected some pics for a quick explanation of the Marine Corps ILBE pack system. In light of.

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There is marking of army. These bags DO seal air tight. To keep the pack snug to your body you will find several compression straps along each side. The circled areas are clearly showing you the two shorter, diagonal side straps of the carry flap, how they connect and wrap around the sides of the assault pack.

You do NOT want to be in the middle of a 20 mile hike over a mountainous region with a pack full of about lbs of gear and have one of these break on you. So the assault pack of reconnaissance troops have more big volume than the ordinary infantry in order to ibe more objects. The size of the opening is half of the body of the manuak for placing more big objects. Notice how it is inserted into the elastic pocket and the strap travels through the hydration bladders carry handle.

Make sure there is as little room as possible for the bladder threads to move through the carrier opening. Bottom pocket cabin has mabual features such as the near-circular design, two-ways zipper and the wide opening in order to put in and take out objects with large volume.

Because the volume of main cabin is not enlarged, its volume is not much bigger than the volume of assault pack except for the enlarged outer cabin and bottom pocket cabin. We can see the metal bar of the pack which was designed and installed between bottom pocket cabin and the top of the pack after opening the pack. If you actually need more ways to attach gear, you can probably find these small D-ring clips.

It has the same type of buckles as used on the Generation 2 packs. Unzipper the two-ways zipper of the besides of the body of pack, and take out the objects in the pack. This is a view of the side of the main pack.


In this picture you can somewhat see how the top strap of the carry flap attaches. Notice the long, black handle object near the edge of the molle webbing. All kinds of accessories and packs with the same size can amnual placed to enlarge the volume of the pack by the help of PAls webbing of MOLLE system at every part of the pack.

Salute Arc’Teryx — all analysis of ILBE pack system

The second picture gives you a zoomed view of this zipper. If YOU can damage one of these systems while it was previously in good condition, you deserve a job in military testing. About the pack body, the designers adopt the combined design of woodland marpat of the marines and the illbe brown CB for short as the the signature color of the gear, helmet and footwear of the marines.

The dust cover is in the part of drinking, the hermetic seal is very mxnual, The lid was connected by a rope in order to prevent loss. They are very durable and seal well provided you don’t have any holes in them.

The tail has stability function that it can wrap and fix the other external packs. When we need ilbee the equipment with limit weight, a bearing system with excellent design, strong bear capacity and good comfort can reduce the pressure of users. Join Date Jul Location somewhere Posts 6, Tension straps with klbe function are designed and used for top pack and main pack. You can see the hole on one side as well as a slot on the hinged side to allow for straps to be ran through it.

It usually be called ear pack because of its position. Stand with your toes touching the top of the pack. In light of the manuzl group buy taking place, and the fact that the Corps is currently replacing this pack system we will be seeing these packs flood the market for the next several months at least.

Generally speaking, the ratio of the volume and bearing weight is 1: You can also use them in combination to some of the side straps to carry a secondary long gun by resting its butt stock in these pockets. Both of these must work.

The straps which is matched with the shoulder straps hided in the part of the symmetric opening in the bottom of the pack. You can see that there are two diagonal short straps which would wrap around whatever contents you put in the flap. There is one on both sides of the main pack. Fixing strap on the chest can provide stability to user when used. These can be adjusted for different size loads and keeps your gear in place throughout your hike.


Here is an idea of the opening width: There is also an additional molle webbing section as well as a couple of additional buckle straps for attaching elongated gear to the sides of the pack in combination with the elastic pockets.

Let us see main pack firstly, there is a radio pouch fixed by fasteners which was used to fix communication equipment. There is also one longer strap which goes over the top of the contents and connects to the top of the main pack near the opening. One-way zipper controls the opening and closing of the outer compartment books and other objects can be placed in which.

The two packs have many same advantages such as strong bearing system, strong bearing capacity and comfortable,heavy shoulder straps with good stability. The ring should snap down relatively firmly and close to the carrier to prevent any excessive play between the parts.

From there, all you have to do is snap the locking buckles together. It is closed with a very rugged drawstring which works in connection with the lid by reducing area for rain water to enter directly. They are NOT interchangeable and buckles will not work cross-generation. Bottom pocket cabin can be used by connecting with the inner main cabin or separating separately as required. Last edited by the1kidd03; at Recon main pack adopt the same design with main pack about top pack.

Manual | ILBE PACK

The large bag’s valve is one which can be opened or closed sorry, not a very clear pic. The only things touching your body are heavily padded and reinforced areas. This pic shows how it is simply attached to a main ilne.