Here is the combined curriculum for all the different grades/levels together with those of the various instructor courses offered by our organization. P1A History of Krav Maga and its founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in training and vulnerable points. P1C Stances and movements. P1C1 Passive. P1A History of Krav Maga and its Founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in Training and Vulnerable Points. P1C Stances and Movements. P1C1 Passive .

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BTW – I too think the stress- aggressivity- determination-drills curriculuk far more important than just the techniques themselves. The tester will dedicate most of his attention to the first part of the test, therefore it is important the tested trainee understands what he is doing and why, so if the tester changes the parameters of the exercise in terms of distance or attack angle I.

That said,I do not think it’s the small variations in a technique that is going to save your life. Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Hey Bear, How long does it take one to go from P1 to P2, etc.?

Login or Sign Up. One thing I’m very happy about is the increasing focuss on prevention and de-escalation of violence. Here you will find a collection of articles written by members of the GIT and Exprets from around the world. As testers we are looking for certain checkpoints to see if the principle part of the technique is preformed correctly. Personal opinion according to per….


Here at the Krav Maga Association of America Forum, we invite you to participate in the largest exchange of comments, thoughts, and experiences that exists among Krav Maga enthusiasts in the world.

Obviously not everyone would agree. To go home safe. I just asked you in another thread that kind of crosses over on this one – looking forward to your reply on that, either one of the threads will do I guess: The Law Enforcement personnel’s job is literally – to enforce the Law.

Most often, what starts out as ‘casual’ Krav Maga training in the afternoon becomes a true passion for the trainee and IKMF offers many additional civilian training frameworks.

IKMF Curriculum Handbook – Training Gear – IKMF Webshop

Clean technique, body language and explosiveness in the attack are components that will not change during the test. I noticed some of the moves they teach in class are different than the Red and cyrriculum book.

This is the reason why standard Krav Maga training is addressed to as ‘Civilian’. We are taught “soft techniques” in KMW such as wrist releases and creating distance between you and the potential attacker while trying to de-escalate the situation if there even is one. Krav Maga Experts are few, as these are highly professional instructors who have dedicated their lives and career to Krav Maga training and instructing.


The criminals’ objective can be…. Women self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to ikmff, in a rela….

And if you’re looking for a place to train, browse the “Locations” section, where you can find one of our locations near you. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

Anyone else that knows better might wanna correct me here, or fill in? I assume all Krav organizations are 90 percent similar. From what I’ve been learning so far at KMW, it is even encouraged to make preemptive strikes if you feel threatened physically or if you feel you have no other choice.

This is only my opinion however Originally posted by Southofheaven View Post. I am teaching krav maga since Anyone with a link?

IKMF Curriculum Handbook

There’s something for every type of Krav Maga enthusiast! Last edited by KMyoshi ; Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Unfortunately we’re not taught many methods of de-escalating a conflict verbally. Usually extra variations or modifications to get better bodydefense etc etc.