Are you looking desperately for a puzzle solution? has a great collection of puzzle solutions for you including Cast Quartet & more. Brand, Hanayama. Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution.

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The key for me was not to look at it whilst attempting to solve it, instead operating by feel with occasional visual attention to monitor changes progress also i didnt allow it to occupy my mind exclusively so i allowed distraction, even made some. qjartet

Quaret tried to solve the puzzle without help, but now the puzzle is messed up and the two squares are in opposite way see picture. One of the videos showed a guy using a very worn Quartet and one of the moves was not possible to complete on my version perhaps a newer refined version.

Then, obviously, with only two pieces left, the rest was straightforward. I picked up a set of these hot off the floor after a factory visit three years ago.

I wish there was a puzzle doctor that we could send our puzzles to so they could be fixed. I have tried for an hour or so to get all four back together but every time i get the fourth piece onto two other pieces the whole puzzle locks up. Anonymous 30 November at Saturday, 2 February Hanayama Cast Quartet. And approached it with carefull patience without expecting much result.


Home About me New additions Picture gallery Contact me. On Monday October 12th Henrik Engebretsen wrote. I will be writing a writing a review on the Cast Vortex soon, which is a Level 5 difficulty Hanayama puzzle, so stay tuned!!! On Friday April 12th Stephen wrote.

Disassembly took me a couple of days probably 4 hours. Recently “SWMBO” went on a trip to visit her parents for a few days, leaving me alone and free to play to my heart’s content!!

So i was left alone in the dark. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day, the couple of hours before dinner and the rest of the evening, avoiding conversation and instead puzzling with the Quartet. I suspect that you have been very lucky in taking it apart and now you are finding out just how difficult it is in your attempts at reassembly! I got it apart but I still haven’t gotten it back together. I would not have thought the pieces would fit without using a huge amount of force in the process.

This hanxyama so complex that I doubt anyone could help untangle it from that unique position – you may be better off buying another copy for yourself – luckily it is a very cheap puzzle. The Quartet is made up of four square shaped pieces with gaps in one corner. On Thursday November 27th Eugene wrote.


Click Image to Enlarge.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet

Unfortunately, I still had quite a lot of work on but could play with it in front of the TV at solutiin without getting the laser stare. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. I had a couple of hours before work and happened to see it sitting on my desk, taunting and begging hsnayama to pick it up. I am surprised that it is possible to put it together backwards! Have you tried YouTube? How would you go about breaking and forming this bond? I guess I will just stare at this one till I get another.

Cast Quartet | Wire & Metal Puzzles | Puzzle Master Inc

It is great challenge. I can’t rotate the final pieces to make the square. On Thursday April 2nd Deimos wrote.