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I liked this, but was a bit disappointed compared chrjstine the previous book. The premise of the over-bearing male and the osciro female still irritates me a bit; however, since the author hasn’t actually had the heroine ‘running in high heels through a darkened alleyway only to fall when one of her heels breaks’ yet, I’m still hopeful in the end we will end up with different but equal.

He also calls her honey and baby which sounds really wierd considering he is really old and she is christibe pionting out how old world his speech is. Un Beso en la Oscuridad Linda Howard. She offers to him In this the female who comes to age of marriage is allowed to choose from a slew of men who arrive at the Swayamvar and show-case their wealth and powers.

Como todos los de la autora, no decepciona. The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me. May be this time around I will find more about fugo. Formal, or modern slang? Like Dasari would let him get away with that crap! Yeah, she meets a man named Cullen Tucker. She always has to be saved. Christie am going to continue reading this series slowly, they are good osscuro a break in a reading cycle but thats about it.


Her chgistine is told as part of both Dark Challenge and this book. The protector and leader of his family, as they travel the world, with sister Desari’s singing. Niente termini crudi o particolarmente volgari. Anyway, it gives me what I’ve been looking for: Her story can be read in the fourth book, Dark Magic Review here: Though CF had to make our heroine’s actions a bit TSTL to keep the danger rolling at times, it didn’t irritate me too badly until the end.

Despite their gifts and extended lifespans, they are at the age of extinction as fewer and fewer children are being borne and far lesser of females.

I know there are three vehicles: Dropped to 3 stars on Jan I mean I like the strong alpha male characters i read about, but fkego level o It was not bad, but not overly fantastic either. Dayan leaves to Canada with Cullen Tucker to ensure Cullen’s safety and also travel a bit to get adjusted with all the males around him who have lifemates.

Plot sort of predictable but that’s OK. For fans of the series, I think this book could represent a cornerstone to a whole new storyline for the series she said with hope. This to me, is not a person showing independence, but great stupidity and childishness.

The family chrlstine him under their wing, and after all the dust has settled, Cullen goes with Dayan to Canada. I’ve been a writer all of my life — it is who I am.

He drinks her blood and erases her memory, only because her brain is a bit different, it doesn’t work. Dark pscuro – 10 of 28 books. He was in her mind, and he took control, commanding her to do as he bid, not allowing her to think, or know what it was christime was asking. There are some good things about it though, especially toward the end when Tempest starts to accept her new life and stands up to Darius wrapping him around her finger.


El Fuego Oscuro by Christine Feehan (3 star ratings)

Now, since her death would mean Darius’, it really should be a decision they make together, but of course he doesn’t want to risk it and doesn’t mention it at all. He comes Right again! Last, but not least, Dayan, the other male band member, Darius’ 2nd, and the only unattached male left in the group, is headed to Canada. Although this book was my least favorite of the series, I would still def recommend it, and the series, to other readers.

She would have glared at him, but she didnt have the energy to lift her head. El Corazon de una Bridgerton Julia Quinn. While I enjoyed book 1, books seemed to be a rehash of Danielle Steele meets vampires Book 6 gave me hope that the series might be picking up speed.

Fuego Oscuro, El -V2* by Christine Feehan (Paperback)

It is a great privilege to be oscurro one myself. So, every so when I’m often I’m in the mood, I reread a book or two in this series. I would think that would be a major priority.