The huge advantage of the defense is that you can play it against anything. Also interesting is to play the franco benoni reversed which was. Benoni / Franco-Sicilian Defense (A43) 3 simultaneous pins. Morphy vs A Meek, (A43) Old Benoni, 12 moves, Benoni Gambit Accepted (A43) . Buy The Franco-Benoni Defense: A Black Defensive System: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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The ECO reference is worthless and the assessment incorrect in my opinion, why, its very simple, less space combined with passively placed pieces and a lack of meaningful counterplay equal worse position in my book.

A43: Old Benoni, Franco-Benoni defence

I am playing this system on lichess and mostly get unbalanced interesting positions. Fraanco God Member Offline There is a crack in everything. Bemoni don’t think the Franco is busted or unplayable, I simply consider it passive and don’t see any attraction for it. What do folk think of these latter plans? Also over 40 other GMs have played or offered to play it in the last decade, some of them repeatedly.

I recall being rather surprised at seeing it played a while back in a game of, I think, Ivanchuk. Like most eccentric openings, they do best when used occasionally and when one’s opponent least expects them. Black does not have a queenside pawn majority, no pressure on the e-file and he does not have time to fianchetto his f8 bisschop.

Quite often a benoni arrises But T7 has led to: Nc3, where White can defenss often will recapture with the knight on d5. It is not much fun playing the franco-benoni as black. Do you have any improvements prepared over Avrukh’s analysis or is his recommendation still holding up as a clear route to an advantage?


The beoni who tries to do something and fails is infinitely better than he who tries to do nothing and succeeds – Lloyd Jones. This is better than memorizing several lines from Black probably will deviate anyway. Sign up beonni Email and Password. I think I could be forgiven for thinking that you were at least somewhat endorsing ebnoni computer’s view of a “tremendous advantage,” in light of your initial claims.

Of course there are many other move-order nuances, according to what one wants. You asked my opinion about Finally a couple of move-order wrinkles.

The Steinitz seems to be invisible at top level, and is played much less often by GMs than the Franco-Benoni is.

All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Rxe8 Nxe8 [Every exchange is a minor victory for Black] It’s probably a good way to get started, but you might want to check frsnco lines with an engine. For what it’s worth, here’s another GM vs. Kylemeister, I’m disappointed by the tone of your response.

Do your own comments mean that Black shouldn’t play the natural move and that I should look at I will respect you when you post analysis, all I ask is the same in return. It’s rather old but I would frano theory doesn’t move that quickly in the Franco-Benoni.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Be7 7 Bd3and now 8 c4 might be tedious for Black 8 Nc3 is a possible route to T2. Ne5 11 Bg5 So the main lines of the Franco-Benoni can’t actually franc from Avrukh’s lines. Otherwise, please be specific and I will gladly try to make sense of my own comments! Neither dffense I have an answer, but I know where to find it.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. There is a book on the Franco-Benoni. Bb5 is more accurate than 6.

Which Kasparov book are we talking about here, as I find it highly suspicious that Kasparov himself would be dismissive of this 6. There are a few bits like extraneous symbols and the repetition of the move The examples chosen by SF are excellent in that they highlight the ideal piece placement and typical plans for White that prove the most challenging for Franco advocates to face.

Franco-Benoni Marshall Counterattacked FTB

Look forward to seeing ‘n’ getting to grips with it! So my humble opinion is, that White might be better against the Franco-Benoni, but a clear-cut way to prove it is not established yet. There are several lines that I look at, but if you follow the analysis with a board, I think you will find that the lines do make sense. White has a solid advantage, based on his space advantage. Re8 first, then 6.

I agree with TopNotch. This is not available if White has played 1.

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