The life stages of Euphyllura olivina include an egg, five nymphal instars, and adults (both sexes). Olive psyllids are very small insects ranging. AGRICULTURAL COMMISSIONER/WEIGHTS AND MEASURES DEPARTMENT. Olive Psyllid (Euphyllura olivina). Distribution: Olive growing regions from. Adult olive psyllid, Euphyllura olivina. Olive. Olive Psyllid. Scientific Name: Euphyllura olivina. (Reviewed 3/14, updated 3/14). In this Guideline.

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Secretions made by Euphyllura olivina Costa on buds of an olive tree, Olea europaea L. During olive flowering and fruiting, psyllid waxy secretion cause flower and small fruit drop and yield reductions.

Olive psyllid – Euphyllura olivina (Costa, ) (Hemiptera:Psyllidae) an occasional pest in olive

Olive psyllids klivina very small insects ranging from 0. Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California. Psyllids generally are monophagous feeding on one plant species or oligophagous feeding on plants within a single family Kabashima et al.

Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible euphyl,ura contributed content. The life cycle is about 3 months depending on temperature. Description of the pest Damage Euphyllra.

The success rate for olive psyllid development was highest for the Haouzia variety Meftah et al. Final reportCalifornia Olive Committee. University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Most of this was on the higher leaves, just out of reach. Growers can prune infested areas, mainly suckers, along with euphylulra limbs to enhance air circulation that increases heat exposure to olive psyllids JohnsonKabashima et al.

As its common oluvina suggests, the olive psyllid Figure 1 is found within the family Psyllidae, which contains over genera Myers et al. While it is still not known what impact psyllids have on olive trees, it appears that they can tolerate low numbers of psyllids without economic damage. Females may lay more than 1, eggs. In the United States, olive psyllid infestations are mostly found on ornamental olive trees Johnson Infestations were found in and near Temecula Riverside County during the spring and summer of Plant parts attacked include the buds, tender shoots, floral axes, inflorescences, and young fruits.


It is best to monitor for the first generation of olive psyllids because the reduction of that generation can substantially reduce population levels of the second generation. Olive psyllid populations may be reduced by pruning. If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension oivina. Olive psyllid – Olivinaa olivina Costa, Hemiptera: Surveys to date in California indicate that Euphyllura olivina is limited to the areas from Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Irvine all in Orange County in the north to the city of San Diego in the south.

EPPO Global Database

The eggs, which take one to two weeks to hatch Alfordare oval in shape, light yellow, and about 0. Focused application of insecticides to control this pest is usually not required if the regular control measures okivina the olive moth and olive fruit fly are taken. Skip Navigation Home Page.

The olive psyllid goes through five nymphal stages that range from 0. Because the secretions complicate control strategies, insecticides should target the first generation to avoid problematic second generation infestations Kabashima et al. Psyllid activity is closely linked to the plant growth status and climatic conditions.


University of California Riverside. This would be the time when it could impact olive production by reducing the numbers of fruit that complete development.

How to Manage Pests

In southern California, psyllid numbers decline after June, most likely because it is hot. See our Home pageor in the U. Nymphs and adults produce honeydew similar to aphidswhich can produce sooty mold.

Additionally, olive psyllids tend to select healthy hosts over unhealthy hosts M. Observation of arthropod populations during outbreak of olive psyllid Euphyllura olivina in Tunisian olive groves. Contributed by Chris Mallory on 6 July, – 5: General monitoring guidelines for psyllids are:.

Olive Psyllid management guidelines. Comparison of biological and demographic parameters of Euphyllura olivina Costa Homoptera, Psyllidae on four varieties of olive.

Granular insecticides for the control of olive psyllid, Euphyllura olivina Costa

Maslinina buha – Euphyllura olivina Costa, Hemiptera: The eggs are elliptical, 0. In a study comparing Haouzia, Arbequina, Manzanilla, and Picholine Marocaine varieties and published in the Official Journal of the International Olive Council, scientists discovered olive psyllids performed differently oolivina different olive tree varieties.

Monitoring between March and May is most useful.

There are five nymphal stages 0. Pests in gardens and landscapes: There are typically three generations of olive psyllid per year.

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