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Thus the Spirit thinks through our thought only its thought is greater than ours. Your thoughts shape your life, create your reality, and ultimately limit or expand your true potential. In like manner the power of the Universal Mind takes particular forms through the particular mind of the individual. As a matter of fact they always were one, but since we can apprehend things only from the stand-point of our own consciousness, it is our recognition of the fact that makes it a practical reality for ourselves.

Then, still employing the scientific method of following up the affirmative factor, he realizes that this universal causative power, by whatever name he may call it, manifests as Supreme Intelligence in the adaptation of means to ends. John puts the question of Christ manifest in the flesh as the criterion of the whole matter I.

The Dore Lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1

The balloon with its freight weighs several hundredweight, yet the introduction of a new factor, the gas, brings with it a law of its own which entirely alters the conditions, and the force of gravity is so completely overcome that the whole mass rises into the air.

The recognition of this is the discovery of our own relation to the whole world of the relative. The knowledge of a principle is to be gained by the study of its affirmative action; when we understand THAT we are in a position to correct the negative conditions which tend to prevent that action.

Thus in our measure and station each one of us will receive the mission of the I AM. The spirit of a thing is that which is the source of its inherent movement, and therefore the question before us is, what is the nature of the primal moving power, which is at the back of the endless array of life which we see around us, our own life included?

It is to quit the plane of First Cause and descend into the realm of secondary causation and lose ourselves amid the confusion of a multiplicity of relative causes and effects without grasping any unifying principle behind them. Neville takes you into the realm of pure consciousness, where self and Self are one and reality is created through the dynamic of your awakened imagination.

And what is the Whole which is thus created? Science gives us ample ground for saying that it is not material, for science has now, at least theoretically, reduced all material things to a primary ether, universally distributed, whose innumerable particles are in absolute equilibrium; whence it follows on mathematical grounds alone that the initial movement which began to concentrate the world and all material substances out of the particles of the dispersed ether, could not have originated in the particles themselves.

The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so. I am not come to destroy but to fulfil. But vast as is the conception thus reached we must remember that it is still a starting-point. When we realize this on the one hand, and on the other that all external conditions, including the body, are produced by thought, we find ourselves standing between two infinites, the infinite of Mind and the infinite of Substance–from both of which we can draw what we will, and mould specific conditions out of the Universal Substance by the Creative Power which we draw in from the Universal Mind.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This, by the hypothesis of the case, is true also of the Parent Mind, for at the stage where the initial movement of creation takes place, there are no existing conditions to compel action in one direction more than another.

Then the great self-recognition is that of our relation to the Supreme Mind. Baali means Lord, and Ishi means husband, and so the change in relation is that of a female slave who is liberated and married to her former master. The Great Affirmative appears in two modes, the cosmic and the individual. We shut our eyes to the fact that the Omega of completion already subsists in the Alpha of conception, and that the Alpha of conception would be nothing but a lying illusion if it was not capable of expression in the Omega of completion.

Then it follows that this realization can only elctures complete where the individual has perfect liberty to withhold it; for otherwise no true lecthres could have taken place. This does not mean that we shall reduce ourselves to a condition of apathy, in which all desire, expectation and enthusiasm have been llectures, for these are the mainspring of our mental machinery; but on the contrary their action will be quickened by the knowledge that there is working at the back of them a Formative Principle so infallible that it cannot miss its mark; so that however good and beautiful the existing forms may be, we may always rest in the happy expectation of something still better to come.

To all who apprehend it there is then discovered in the Universal Spirit the presence of a Divine Individuality reciprocal to that of the individual man, the recognition of which is the practical solution of all metaphysical problems regarding the emanation of the individual soul from the Universal Spirit and the relations arising therefrom; for it takes these matters out of the region of intellectual speculation, which is never creative but only analytical, and transfers it to the region of feeling and spiritual sensation which is the abode of the creative forces.

If it were less than this it would only be some sort of mechanism and would not be thinking power, so that to be thinking power at all it must be identical in kind with that of the Originating Spirit.

Consequently man, in his inmost nature, is the product of the Divine Mind imaging forth an image of itself on the plane of the relative as the complementary to its own sphere of the absolute.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science

His work, literary, musical, or graphic is original creation on a miniature scale, and in this it differs from that of the engineer, which is constructive, or that of the scientist which is analytical; for the artist in a sense creates something out of nothing, and therefore starts from the stand-point of simple feeling, and not from that of a pre-existing necessity.

Dord Death is the absence of Life, and disease is the absence of health, so to enter into the Spirit of Life trowxrd require to contemplate it, where it is to be found, and not where it is not- -we are met with the old question, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? The law which every new creation carries with it is therefore not a contradiction of the old law but its specialization into a higher mode of action.


Then also we need not be troubled about future conditions because we know that the Tnomas Power is working through us and for us, and that according to the Law proved by the whole existing creation, it produces all the conditions required for the expression of the Life, Love and Beauty which it is, so that we can fully trust it to open the way as we go along.

This sequence is logical because it implies a Power, an Individual who understands the Power, and a Method of applying the power deduced from understanding its nature. It is the direct contradiction of the maxim “ex nihilo nihil fit”–nothing can be made out of nothing; and it is the recognition of the presence in dorr of this power, which can make something out of nothing, that is the key to our further progress.

Now by the very hypothesis of the case the whole Creative Process consists in the continual pressing so forward of the Universal Spirit for expression through the individual and particular, and Spirit in its different modes is therefore the Life and Substance of the leftures.

This, as it appears to me, is dire hidden meaning of the two trees in Eden, the Garden of the Soul. Our tyomas is to provide a concrete centre round which the Divine energies can play.

In the vision of St. It does so in the mechanism of the planet, in the production of supply for the support of thmas life, and in the maintenance of the race as a whole.

And his recognition goes even further than this, for since this specialization can only take place through the individual himself, it logically follows that the Life, which he thus specializes, become HIS OWN life.

By establishing, then, a personal relation to the dpre of the Spirit, the sphere of the individual becomes enlarged.

Diane rated it really liked it Dec 20, Judge Troward worked in India in the s. Hence by the requirements of the case man should be capable of placing himself either in a positive or a negative relation to the Parent Mind, from which he originates; otherwise he would be nothing more than a clockwork figure.

But even there Law reigns supreme, and therefore taking Christ as our basis and starting-point, we start with the Law thomax fulfilled, whether in those things which are familiar to us or in those realms which are beyond our thought, and so we need have nc fear of evil.

Troward was a divisional judge in British-administered India. The reader is therefore asked to think them out carefully for himself, and to note their connection with the subject of the next article.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward – Free Ebook

Eileen Campbell rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Thhomas it for free. This selection of suitable conditions is the work of Intelligence, it is a process of consciously arranging things in a new order, so as to produce a new result.

It is based on the fallacy that good is limited by evil, and that you cannot receive any good except through eliminating the corresponding evil by realizing it and beating it back.