No abstract is available for this content at the moment. But in the French philosopher Jacques Derrida reminded us that the spectre of Marx would not dissipate so easily. It turns out he was right. Jacques Derrida Specters of Marx The State of the Debt, the Work of .. of the first act: “Ein Gespenst geht urn in Europa-das Gespenst des Kommunismus.

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Nor therefore with ignorance. It was already, but in an altogether different way, the question that imposed itself on the many young people who we were at the time. He even curses the fate that would have caused him to be born to set right a time that walks crooked. Exeunt Ghost and Marx, Shakespeare might have noted. And one does not have to wait for the objection: Inthe Hegelian discourse on the end of history in absolute knowledge had already resounded throughout Europe and had rung a consonant note with many other knells gesprnster.

The volumes raise these questions in an international and inter- diSCiplinary context. Is it not already beginning to arrive and where is it going? According to a paradox that poses itself and gets carried away by itself, Hamlet does not curse so much the corruption of the age.

We had this bread of apocalypse in our mouths naturally, already, just as naturally as that which I nicknamed after the fact, inthe “apocalyptic tone in philosophy.

Marx Gespenster: Jacques Derrida: : Books

How can what is present [das Anwesende] without jointure be adikan, out of joint [aus der Fuge],? He believes rather in what is supposed to distinguish them from actual reality, living effectivity. Then he would have diagnosed today the same conjuration, this time not only in old Europe but in the new Europe, the New World, which already interested him very much a century and gespester half ago, and throughout the world, in the new world order where the hegemony of this new world, I mean the United States, would still exercise a more or less critical hegemony, more and less assured than ever.

How is one to receive, how is one to understand a speech, how is one to inherit it when it does not let itself be translated from itself into itself? Who has ever called for the transformation to come of his own theses? With its death the spectre of communism begins to make visits on the Earth.

At the internal border or the external border, it is a heterodidactics between life and death. No, someone in him. It was thus a fault on my part to have put so far out of memory what was the most manifest thing about the Vespenster. He would especially like to wrest it away from that experience of vengeance whose idea, he says, remains “the opinion of those who equate the Just das Gerechte with the Geespenster das Geriichte.


And in French, in fact, “I charge thee” is often translated by “je t’ en conjure, which indicates a path where later we will see injunction crossing with conjuration.

If matx is possible and if one must take it seriously, the possibility of the question, which is perhaps no longer a question and which we are calling here justice, must carry beyond present life, life derdida my life or our life. Let us spell things out, let us insist: We are questioning in this instant, we are asking ourselves about this instant that is not docile to time, at least to what we call time. In any case, here is someone mad enough to hope to unlock the possibility of such an address.

HAU Hebbel am Ufer

And this busi- ness attracts the undertakers, those who deal with cadavers but so as to steal them, to make the departed disappear, which remains the condition of their “apparition. He curses his mission: This hostility toward ghosts, a terrified hostility that some- times fends off terror with a burst of laughter, is perhaps what Marx will always have had in common with his adversaries.

What does it mean to follow a ghost? The rest of the interpretation cannot be reconstituted here. And communism was essentially distinguished from other labor movements by its international character.

He will serve as third party and witness terstis: The chapter on “The Leipzig Council-Saint Max, also supplies, and we will say more about this later, a short treatise on the spirit or an interminable theatricalization of ghosts. The reasons for this are essential. But of what are we speaking? And which was also haunted by what it attempted to foreclose.

A son and the “honest ghost” of the father, the supposedly honest ghost, the spirit of the father, conspire together to bring about such an event. Who knows better than someone who is alive? The representatives of these forces or all these powers aile Mochtenamely the States, wanted to reassure themselves.

A spectral moment, a moment that no longer belongs to time, if one understands by this word the linking of modalized presents past present, actual present: Has not Heidegger, as he always does, skewed the asymmetry in favor of what he in effect interprets as the possibility of favor itself, of the accorded favor, namely, of the ,arx that gathers or collects while gespenste monizing Versammlung, Fugbe it in the sameness of differents or of disagreements [differends], and before the synthesis of a sys-tem?


Is it possible to find a rule of cohabitation under such a roof.

Marx’ Gespenster | Derrida Jacques

If Marx had written his Manifesto in my language, and if he had had some help with it, as a Frenchman can always dream of doing, I am sure he would have played on the word conjuration. It becomes, rather, some “thing” that remains difficult to name: Not of rendering justice, to render it in return by means of punishment, payment, or expiation, as one most often translates Nietzsche and Diels. If Blanchot seems to agree here with certain Althusserian motifs, he is already warning against the risk that, according to him, was inherent in them: We’ll treat him calmly, objectively, without bias: The word “science” is becoming again a key word.

The constative form tends to reassure. English Choose a language for shopping. But he takes the time to analyze, never- theless, the transfiguring alchemy, he denounces the reversal of values, the falsification and especially the perjury of which it is the law.

An essentially blind submission to his secret, to the secret of his origin: And yet, it seemed to many that the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, as well as democratic insurgencies in China, had created a new world order.

The question old Europe was asking itself was already the question of the future, the question “whither? He too will have tried to conjure away the ghosts, and everything that was neither life nor death, namely, the re-apparition of an apparition that will never be either the appearing or the disap- peared, the phenomenon or its contrary He will have tried to conjure away the ghosts like the conspirators [conjures] of old Europe on whom the Manifesto declares war.

Even when it is raised, in fact, its possibility continues to signify that someone, beneath the armor, can safely see without being seen or without being identified.

Still more precisely, everything begins in the imminence of a re-apparition, but a reapparition of the specter as apparition for the first time in the play.