A Publisher Extra Newspaper. The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page Publication: The Indianapolis Star i; Location: Indianapolis, Indiana. A Publisher Extra Newspaper. Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 69 . Publication: Arizona Republic i; Location: Phoenix, Arizona; Issue Date. Electrical Materials for Reinforcement and Extension of Distribution Network in . importance of Mozambique taking over the Cahora Bassa dam is high and .. Comp 2. Support to EDM, institutional strengthening, transmission.

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Brick soling on D. Motor Stand to Kathakhal em- bankment. Civil Kamalpur and Tahasil office at Kamalpur, 77, Lowering, Nose cutting roads side drain brick soling S. Extendsionof road from Chech- ruia Bazar to Kalkoliabazar via Kalikamura. SPT bridge and laying flat brick soling.

Diversion scheme at Nalucherra under Belonia Sub-Division. Jakfb to Ludbua market.

Full text of “Schedule Of Works “

Resectiooing A black topping of Mohanpur Dhigalia bazar Providing water supply arrange- ment to cohoraa R. Name of Works NO. Construction of permanent Go-down for Kanchanpur Division.


Addition and alternation of Police Radio station at Ambassa. Providing flat brick soling on road from Kamalpur ‘ Ambassa road to Kashimeherra 5 K. Total Diversion xohora Division No. Constn, of Boundary wall arround the Palli Mungal H. Mandakar at up stream side of Dasda Market 50, 75, 25, Total: Improvement of existing Scheme.

Extension ocmp2 boarding house for accommodation for 17 students attached to B. House and 4 Nos. Drainage Scheme at Agartala. Design extension centre at Indranagar. Manikpur Type-II quarter 4 No.


I to 7 48,40, 49,64, 50, 2,50, 50, 3. Special repairs to P. Road in damaged Saddle portion caused during record broken flood of August. Providing side drain on K.

State Share of police housing Schemes under taken out of fund released cop2 the Finance Committee. Metalling A surface painting’ of road from Nidaya to Bhabanipur 6 K.

New Scheme in different places in Tripura Scheme in different places in Tripura under S.

List of unclaimed deposits / inoperative accounts.

Soling of the road from O. Construction of annex for provi- ding additional accommodation of Tripiva Bhavan at 1 Priotoria Street, Calcutta.

Deep Tube well at Karaimura under Matabari Block. Deep tube-wells schemes at Cholubasti under Salema Block. Sinking of one deep tube well in the Tripura Engineering College. Strengthning of pavement of Cohorq.


Road from Laxmicherra to Kalsi- bazar 5 K. Portion from Atharamura to ChebrL. Improvement of existing scheme 3,72, Spun Pipe Culverts 2 K. Construction of building for exrensioo of boarding house attached to Jampaijala H.

Conversion of diesel operated to electric operated Scheme. Const, of road from Dhan- cherra to Darshan Malsum’s house i. Providing flat brick soling on Kamalpur Ambassa road to Kanchsmbari road No.

A Barrak cogora 30 personnels at Gandacherra. Spun pipe Cul- verts 5 K. Kailashahar Type-II quarter 14 Nos. Construction of Police Out Post at Anandabazar. Bridge by permanent bridge constn. New tube well schemes in different places in Tripura under General area