A Short History of Decay () is E. M. Cioran’s nihilistic and witty collection of aphoristic essays concerning the nature of civilization in mid. A Short History of Decay may refer to: A Short History of Decay, translation of Précis de décomposition by Emil Cioran · A Short History of Decay (film), A Short History of Decay. E. M. Cioran. Little, Brown and Co. () Philosophy . On the Heights of Despair.E. M. Cioran – – University of Chicago Press.

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Because just look at it: Feb 17, aaron rated it really liked it.


By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you think you hate life, or maybe just the world around you this book deczy make you kick yourself repeatedly for being just too much of a goddamn optimist. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

Refresh and try again. Context changes meaning, sure, but not enough to defend this. Trivia About A Short History o Cioran makes no lie that he has given up on existence aside from writing of course!

At times, especially when he’s compellingly observing how heroism is the opposite of depth, I was reminded of the works of Jeff Lint – but that may just have been because Secay was reading this alongside And Your Point Is?

My library Deay Advanced Book Search. Does this not apply to everyone in danger of thinking themselves out of existence? Yet despite it all, this book was great – beautifully written, darkly amusing in places and interesting – I didn’t agree with all, or most, that Cioran said, but I did get immersed in his world and perceptions.

Cioran was a really amazing human being.

For my money, Cioran is the only true heir of Nietzsche; he who presaged not the destruction of systems, but the world after which the systems had already failed themselves – a latterday Diogenes still in search of the honest man. After spending two years in Germany, Cioran arrived in Paris in To what kind of abstract, removed viewpoint does this kind of thing seem not only truthful, but deep?


A Short History of Decay 3 2 Oct 26, This is aa second book of his that I’ve read and it’s even darker than his more youthful and lighthearted Tears and Saints which was really not the kind of b If you think you hate life, or maybe just the world around you this book will make you kick yourself repeatedly for being just too much of a goddamn optimist. His philosophy is one of absolute futility, in which suicide is the most noble act, and any motion towards civilisation, culture or the pursuit of knowledge is entirely misguided.

E.M. Cioran’s A Short History Of Decay

The book contained a mailing label to the Illinois Secretary of State; sort of gives one pause to think this is what government officials are reading, doesn’t it?!?! De geest ontdekt de Identiteit; de ziel de Verveling; het lichaam de Luiheid. So what’s the point to be serious about life? Cioran Limited preview – As dejected, disaffected and depressed as I find myself in certain moments, even I found A Short History of Decay to be an over-cooked, under-thought, pile of tripe.

But, I find arguments like this so often amount to burying one’s head in the sand, and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Placed at the two extremities of the social ladder, they fear any modification in good and evil: Before finishing this review, which is actually just a small piece of my own opinion like the book itself I want to say that while washing the strawberries some days ago I felt like all of our questions regarding why we are here and how, does not make sense God is a failure until he created Bachenthusiasm for your ideas – any ideas on any subject – leads to nothing but bloody slaughter or despotism and existence is defined solely by the suffering you endure.


Selected pages Table of Contents. But here’s the thing: Aug 29, Jay Green rated it it was amazing. Cioran wordt wel eens weggezet als ‘moralist’ of ‘onheilige mysticus’.

It’s Nietzsche in a funhouse mirror, Nietzsche hollowed of any substance. Sep 30, Tosh rated it it was amazing. Has a more apt description of Hamlet ever been written?

Most of his ideas are too esoteric or crippled by his slanted perspective to be credible except in a poetic sense.

Homme de fragment Naar Cioran-normen is ‘Een kleine filosofie van verval’ met zijn tweehonderdzeventig pagina’s een vrij lijvig boek.

One can find ideas that stand out as incisive and penetrating, though usually these need to be extricated from the surrounding negativity and histrionics. And yet, reading A Short History of Decay is still a worthwhile endeavour. And for having sought to be a sage such as never was, I am only a madman among the mad What is true here is fairly uncontroversial: Cioran’s florid prose cuts to the essence of Being, free of all metaphysical and idealistic baggage – offering a dark and disconcerting reality, perhaps, but one in which even the greatest cynic can finally find some mode of human agency.

Want to Read saving…. I honestly would not recommend reading this to anyone suffering from a serious form of depression. Not exactly a location suitable for a wide audience.