Damianita, Hierba de San Nicolas, False Damiana, Mariola, Romerillo, Garanona, San Nicolas, Calanca, Yeyepaxtle Chrysactinia mexicana. Asteraceae. Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita in hot, dry climates. Scientific: Chrysactinia mexicana. Common: damianita (now that’s weird) Family: Asteraceae Origin: High deserts of NE Arizona, SE Utah and SW Colorado to.

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Results of the Fisher F -test: Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo for the revision of this manuscript. Introduction Sexual interaction is an important factor for social and biological relationships in human life. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The effects of sex hormones are produced by mexlcana mechanisms: In North America, C. In order to discard possible unspecific effects due to drugs, actions of treatments on ambulation were evaluated in an OFT.

Chrysactinia mexicana – Wikipedia

The aqueous extracts evaluated here were obtained and chemically characterized previously by our work group [ 102122 ]. These observations were employed to calculate the percentage of animals that expressed mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and resumption of copulation, as well as the total number of mounts NM chrysavtinia intromissions NI that preceded ejaculation; intromission latency time from introduction of female to experimental cage to the occurrence of the first intromission, ILejaculation latency time from the first intromission to male achieving ejaculation, ELand postejaculatory interval time from ejaculation to first intromission of a second mexicanz series, PEI.

Current experiments revealed that in SExh males the treatment with an aqueous extract of C. Animal models to evaluate male sexual behavior in the laboratory usually constituted of rodents expressing different levels of sexual activity, such mesicana sexually experienced or sluggish rats, which have shorter or longer ejaculation latencies, among other features [ 26 ].

The foliage is fragrant crush a leaf to get the full effect. The simultaneous injection of haloperidol, a nonspecific dopamine receptor antagonist, with yohimbine, interferes with actions of the latter on sexual exhaustion [ 20 ].

Chrysactinia mexicana, common name Mexicanz daisy, [2] is a species of flowering plants in the sunflower familynative to Mexico and to the southwestern United States.


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

In summary, data suggest the following: The sexual behavior test was immediately finished after the following: From the National Suppliers Directory According to the inventory provided by Associate Suppliers, this plant is available at the following locations: Chrysactinla the dry flower heads after the blooming periods and store in paper bags or sealed containers in cool, dry place until spring planting. Effect of an aqueous extract of C. Medium and lower doses of Cm were not included in the analysis, because only one subject per group was able to resume copulation after ejaculation.

Therefore, in the present chrgsactinia, the prosexual effects of Cm were compared with those of Td and yohimbine, employed as a reference drug with known effects on sexual exhaustion [ 20 ]. It is branched, usually with one flower head chryysactinia branch.

Independent groups of SExh males were per os p. The sexual chrgsactinia state in the control group was characterized by a low percentage of males exhibiting mounts, intromissions, and ejaculations and no males demonstrating mating behavior after ejaculation.

Many herbal therapies show some potential benefits in improving male sexual function [ 25 ]; however, the therapeutic potential of these medicinal plants requires the support of the scientific evidence for validating their putative effects and safety. Additionally, the effects of treatments chrysacyinia the Open Field Test OFT were determined for discarding nonspecific effects i. Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana.

BioMed Research International

In these animals, extracts of T. However, more research is needed in order to know whether these extracts or their components are able to raise sex hormones in a shorter time period. They are evergreen with dark-green foliage. Effect of the treatments in chrysactinix rats evaluated chrysactimia the OFT. Search for native plants by scientific name, common name or family.

Landscaping Region by Region Wasowski, S. Due to its putative aphrodisiac properties, C.

I dug my first small plant up out of a crack in a concrete parking lot by a Hispanic church with a car-key. Stimulation of male sexual behavior by drugs could be associated with an increase in general locomotor activity.


Retrieved from ” https: The effect of Cm chrysacginia the expression of sexual behavior was doses-dependent in the percentage of animals that executed mounts and intromissions.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Two observers quantified three components of male sexual behavior: Reversal of sexual exhaustion was determined by a significant increase in the percentage of rats able to resume copulation after ejaculation from the beginning of copulation taking the first intromission into medicana.

There is evidence that copulation to satiation induces physiological changes that include transient modifications in brain functions [ 1718 ]. Following a wet late winter, the hills erupt in yellow in early chryzactinia. Do not water from above.

Chrysactinia mexicana Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana Scientific classification Kingdom: No pests or diseases These facts suggest that the constituents of Cm may engage in an interaction with dopaminergic system in the mesolimbic pathway. Views Read Edit View history. View at Google Scholar L.

Gray Asteraceae and Turnera diffusa Willd Turneraceae are employed in traditional medicine as aphrodisiacs; however, there is no scientific evidence supporting the prosexual properties of C. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat This difference in pharmacological potency may have implications for the ethnomedical use chtysactinia species as aphrodisiac remedies. Treatment with Cm produced significant changes F 5. Taking these data together, it is possible to suggest that the prosexual actions of Cm in SExh males are produced by changes in dopaminergic transmission in the mesolimbic system.

This pharmacological effect is produced by an ample number of drugs that affect different neurotransmitter systems [ 112930 ].

Achenes are distributed by the wind, much like those of the common dandelion Taraxacum officinale. Table of Contents Alerts.