centurian enslaved sissy maid porn-porno Galleries, Found Most Popular centurian enslaved sissy maid videos Displaying best centurian enslaved sissy maid. enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts. A note from the editor of CENTURIAN PUBLISHING. Thank you for the great response. It is a publication of Centurian Publishing, Inc., and is dis- tributed by Centurian . In our last issue, Enslaved Sissies #5 we transposed the pictures on page 4.

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Centurian-Enslaved Sissy Maid Vol08

She cried and wailed the first time Monica took a hairbrush to Tabatha. I spent months, and spared no expense, creating just the right look. He was so short, just barely five feet, he looked tiny and dainty, and what beautiful, long blonde hair. She cengurian have to admire her figure, which Porsche proudly stated was 39D We xissy got the following letter and these two drawings from a reader asking if anyone could make sissy type Logos or Jewelry.

We drove several hours to Reno to your Romantic Sensations Boutique, which was a delightful, eye-opening experience, and we wished we had even more money to spend. I had an old boyfriend come over.

I was so mad it was hard not to argue with him but not centturian to tip my hat I bit my tongue. I heard him moan into his gag and knew he was finally awake.

There is a small steel framed bed that his arm and legs are locked to while enjoy a peaceful evening to myself. In contrast, poor Daisy spent her days being worked to death, terrified of the housekeeper, but even more so of the the two sisters.

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Feel free to rate your favorite shemale porn videos and create your personal playlists. He believed her when she said she had found him the perfect sissy sneakers. He knelt down and promised to do anything I asked. As I planned, he ate a huge piece of the chocolate pie. My maleness is gone and I am a gorgeous brown she-male who looks like a complete woman.


I had no idea if I’d accept what I was sure would be a thoroughly degrading apology. Glandulars are the secret! I found the school girl uniforms and the ruffled undies, over-the-knee stockings, pink and white party” dresses, Mary Janes, with small heels, all so exciting to wear. They were excited but on their way out for a golf match. That included sewing at afternoon teas and meals, making her bed, ironing her clothes, helping her select her wardrobe, shower and dress and attending to any of her other needs as directed.

Poor thing he cried and pleaded so when I informed him that I thought it best to sissify him and that I thought he’d be much more comfortable dressed as a girl. I was tied tightly and penis gagged in the cellar or a closet whenever Ashley went out, until she finally felt she could trust me and left me in cuffs and chains so I could work around the house.

Or may be you’re looking for something more spicy and extreme? My slave has been going through her transformation for nearly three years now. I keep her in your locking Sissy Maid Bondage Uniform baby p ink of coursebaby doll socks, and shoes for around the house. And since she would have plenty of time on her hands she would be expected to do all the housework.

We strongly discourage readers from imitating these depictions by themselves, outside the boundaries of a loving relationship, and without an alert partner.

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Busy with all the studying I had, I gave in to his constant begging and began tying him up at night while I studied. Two months ago I made him get breast implants. His cock obviously approved, but he was a little put off by the fact that she used to be a man. It intrigued me to no end.


With such ingredients as real mammary, uterus concentrate, etc. Attaching her leash Sjssy was yanked out to her car, put in the trunk, and driven to her new home.

Not only did we get Karen her breast implants and her hormones snslaved she kept our house clean, she cooks and lets both of us fuck the hell out of her. Their biggest problem was the hired help. He looks like an old man trying to pretend he was much younger.

Some of the many real stories: The three of us live together in harmony. Then the man and I continue to humiliate sissy, submissive Rachel for the rest of the night – often they both remain in bondage over the whole sex-filled weekend. As I broke off the permanent screws, I notice I was also turned on. Sissu low to even bother speaking to. Hours spent learning to apply makeup, style sisssy hair, learning how to walk, sit stand and speak in a feminine voice. Plucked eyebrows, full eye makeup, luscious, full red lips.

When we go out, we go out as man and wife. We apologize to T.

I racked my brain on a way to make her serve but nothing seemed to work. Two days later Julia entered Porsche’s office yanking a terrified, blindfolded and manacled young male by a leash. The last thing I plan to do is to take him to sisssy class reunion next year with a pair of gigantic size tits as a final humiliation. Forced Womanhood 40 This is really an important issue.

Dear Enslaved, It began with a bet. To Tom it was just a centturian pastime.