Canopus in Argos: Archives [Doris Lessing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Lessing, Doris. This book is the fourth volume in the second series, called Canopus in Argos: Archives, begun in with Shikasta. Lessing, better known as. Canopus in Argos is a sequence of science fiction novels by Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing, first published from to , which portray a.

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May 30, Loren rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It occurred to me that reading “Canopus in Argos: Like other women writers from southern African who did not graduate from high school such as Oliv Both of her parents were British: Return to Book Page. Retrieved 4 July Began re-reading this because I was so in love with it the first time, many years ago.

The main characters are definitely aliens, even if they talk like people. I would like to recommend Canopus In Argos: The mass impact of these novels on the genre was probably about zero, which is a shame in itself. The New York Times.

Canopus in Argos : Archives

The oddly named Ambien II is one of the Five, who run the empire. Or could they just be monumental exercises of the urge to spill words? Ironically, she is welcomed now as a writer acclaimed for the very topics for which she was banished 40 years ago. Much like Kate Bush, Lessing apparently knows every acnopus for snow and her descriptions of everyone trying not to think about freezing to death while everyone around them freezes to death is harrowing in its way.

Colin Smith rated it really liked it Mar 13, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I found it incomprehensible and badly-written, but wanted very much to like it, because I liked Lessing and wanted to see a serious author make a real go of science fiction.

I don’t think anyone I know has the patience to put up with it or the courage to face it. In she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. With that in mind, the first book “Shikasta” is probably going to come across as the strangest, as least until you get used to the style. I first discovered Do Canopus In Argos: Views Read Edit View history. I read the first three books with enthusiasm.


Canopus in Argos Series

The Canopus in Argos was not well received by some reviewers and readers, [4] who felt that Lessing had abandoned her “rational worldview”. Klorathy relates events back to Johor from another world, where Canopus and Shammat and Sirius are once again vying for domination, this time through a lfssing of words.

It was really interesting.

Back in the s, I loved the idea that Doris Lessing was trying the scifi genre and started naturally, for me with the third book of this five-book series. Under My Skin Alfred and Emily. Books by Doris Lessing. Yet I don’t know anyone who I think would appreciate it or like it.

But I give her points for a “try-anything” approach. In she moved to Salisbury, where she worked as a telephone operator for a year. If you’ve never heard of this series before, if you ever see it on a shelf in a bookstore it’s going to look like something left behind from another planet. Except most of the time, we’re the aliens.

In a larger sense, though, the story itself may not be all that important. May 23, Jeff rated it really liked it. Perhaps this isn’t accidental, as I read later that Lessing was influenced by the writings of Indries Shah.

It keeps the strangeness that marked the earlier novels but in the context of this novel, makes it strange indeed as people come down with rhetorical diseases and have to be reeducated, immersed in treatments at hospitals that may not take. I like how disorienting it is, especially at the beginning. People have commented that this one feels like a fairy tale and in a sense that’s true. This set of writings represented a major shift of focus for Lessing, influenced by spiritual and mystical themes in Sufismin particular by Idries Shah.

She is a talente Let me say first that I do not read science fiction. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The sense of narrative drive is strongest here and what it lacks in off the wall weirdness it makes up for in being a kind of coherent strange I can relate to, with actual villains and conflicts as opposed to people telling me things that I’m supposed to assume are standing in for something else here it’s probably Communist Russia.


Ton Landsmeer rated it really liked it Sep 06, She is a talented writer and I intend to explore her further. Having actual people doing things like riding horses and having sex makes all the talk about Zones much more palatable and since the focus of the story is more gender relations and their interactions each Zone seems to have its own characteristics that affect each us as they intermingle moreit becomes a bit easier to relate to, feeling more like a fantasy tale that is bent on conveying its point of view.

I can’t say that any of these completely worked as both novels and commentaries, sometimes it seemed like Lessing was in a constant war to write SF and also craft meaningful critiques of society as she understood it, and it’s not always clear which side won.

Canopus in Argos: Archives by Doris Lessing

Arina Kuznetsova rated it it was amazing May 08, Lesxing few years later, feeling trapped in a persona that she feared would destroy her, she left her family, remaining in Salisbury. No trivia or quizzes yet. And this read like it should be SF but. Jul 11, Catherine rated it it was amazing.

Archives is a sequence of five science fiction novels by Nobel Prize in Literature -winning author Doris Lessing which portray a number of societies at different stages of development, over a great period of time.

She does eventually move past that into the future and for me the novel finally comes alive when she starts to relate the story through the journals of a girl named Rachel.