Condenado a la seriedad y a la impostura, Julio, el silencioso protagonista de Bonsái – la novela que supuso el brillante debut narrativo de Alejandro Zambra– . Eso es lo que ha hecho Alejandro Zambra en este libro que, del mismo modo que un bonsái no es un árbol, más que una novela corta o un relato largo es una . Zambra’s first novel, Bonsái, attracted much attention in Chile and appeared in the Spanish Editorial Anagrama, which was awarded the.

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The author tried to do something interesting, modern and fresh using a conversational, detached tone.

Alejandro Zambra

Alejandro Zambra Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer. There is a gorgeous character study at play: Absurdist, like the novel. I think that their relationship should have stopped here whilst it was still on a high here but then Proust raises his ugly head and then deception enters with a vengeance.

Attest our timidity as a prelude to stronger days? The container is normally a flowerpot or an interesting chunk of rock. Cast a succor net on our isolated struggles? You get the cold flesh of the story in that chilling first line: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. An ode to the girl who lost her way and died much too young and to the boy who decides to alwjandro up a tree in her memory.


Bonsai – Editorial Anagrama

Let’s say that she is called or was called Emilia and that he is called, was called, and continues to be called Julio. In the end I don’t care. Zambra’s story is about the ramifications of falling in and out of love, of lying about reading Proust, about bonsais. It is called “Tantalia” — by Macedonio Fernandez and, as I understand from the references, it is about a couple that decides to use a house zmabra as a symbol for their love.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the end she dies and he remains alone, although in truth he was alone some years before her death, Emilia’s death. It is nevertheless difficult to review this book.

Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer.

This, then, is a light story that turns heavy. In he was chosen as one of the best Spanish-language writers under 35 by the magazine Granta. I really hope that one is going to be a better experience.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. No en asuntos sino en el enfoque dubitativo, un poco lejano. Retrieved April 10, To analyze, to deconstruct this novel seems like sacrilege to me.

Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra

Ray of light, extinguished: Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. The two lovers take central stage, but their props are books and their dialogue centers around books for most of the first third of the narrative; honsai gives the story unexpected depth. Bonsai is the first piece of literature that I read in Spanish. There are so many other delicious books around to read.


What starts off as a simplistic love story gets an intricate and real-life treatment of pining, longing, misguided machinations of affections and passion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer. View all 4 comments. The normal dawn chorus had been replaced bya cacophony of jays and crows. They realize too late that if the plant dies, the love that unites them will die with it. Festival de Cannes When Zambra tells me that Julio found purpose in a bonsai after surviving inundating personal and professional hurricanes of losses and cessations, I nod my head in concurrence, for I know that the bonsai isafter all, a cojugal twin of heart: Retrieved 11 Nov Get Bonsai and read it.

Once outside its flowerpot, the tree ceases to be a bonsai. Once outside its flowerpot, the tree ceases to be a bonsai The world is of tantalic inspiration.

Orice-nceput se vrea fecund, zamrba se deda Florarul. View all 7 comments. Anyone that has loved or loved and lost can find charm in the hazy tale Zambra has created. Writing is like caring for a bonsai, thinks Julio.