During the past 40 years the production of natural rubber has increased three times and of synthetic rubbers 15 times, Biodeterioration 7 pp | Cite as . Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) can be used commercially for the construction of fishing boats, which are subjected to biodegradation in the water, and on. Natural rubber (NR) was once the only source of the elastomeric materials required by a wide range Biodeterioration, Elsevier Applied Science, 7 (), pp.

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Bacteria Acetobacter xylinum present on the surface of fruit and flowers play an important role in commercial production of wines and other fermented substances.

Approaches to taxonomic studies of actinomycetes isolated from historic and contemporary materials. The bacteria are facultative anaerobic acid producers.

Microbiological Deterioration of Vulcanized Rubber

Privacy policy About WikiEducator Disclaimers. References in periodicals archive? Braams J Biodeterioration of stone: Biofilms usually have high resistance against antibiotics and disinfectants.

It is essential to identify microorganisms that take part in this process in order to properly protect objects from biodeterioration. Reduce the mass and volume of sludge and 4. Produce consoritia biodeterioratio allows the recycling of substance 5.


Distribute the alkalinity buffer throughout the tank and helps keep the pH under control. These websites give more biodeteriorafion of biodegradation of natural materials: Biodeterioration is the process that produces undesirable rybber in the properties of materials by the activity of organisms.

This page was last modified on 9 Decemberat Pitting and scaling of the metal occurs beneath heavy, slimy growths of hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria such as species of Pseudomonas and Desulfovibrio. Biodeterioration definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary https: Physical methods like drying freeze drying or cooling and chemical methods such as adding biocide or preservative are effective methods used to prevent biodeterioration.

Xenobiotics are synthetic organic compounds and they generally have chemical properties that cannot be broken down by microbial degradative enzymes. This website outlines why biofilms occur and why microorganisms live in them Biofilms. These require oxygen and moisture to break down organic material [32]. Inside the tank, mixing is constantly rubber the sludge around.


Metals used in marine environments or the walls of the fuel tanks of jet aircraft are susceptible to microbial corrosion. Suitable environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and oxygen are necessary for wood decay.

This website is a study conducted from samples of biodeterioratkon Milan Cathedral. This page has been accessed 6, times.

Biodeterioration of stored diesel oil: Biodeterioration is an undesirable change in the properties of materials caused by vital activities of organisms. Biofilms are the communities of micro organisms and have a self developed polymeric matrix and adherent to an inert or living surface.


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Views Read View source View history. Microbes usually prefer living in the biofilms because the microbes uses the metabolic by-products or wastes produced by the slime layer of biofilm as their food. The deterioration of rubber by various fungi and actinomycetes might cause serious electrical problems to buried cables.

This website describes what bioremediation James J. Wood rbber is mainly caused by fungus.

Biodegradation – WikiEducator

Microbial mats can be ruber as complex biofilms. Avalibilty of nutrients for growth 2. Increasing the binding of water molecule 3. Bioventing is a process which provides oxygen by stimulating naturally occurring soil microorganisms to degrade components in soil. It is usually formed with the attachment of the free floating microorganisms to a surface.

These websites out line the prevention methods [26] used for Stone and Wood.