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It is a natural material which fills the voids and air bubbles left in the poured concrete. Click here to sign up. This includes natural stone, wood, bricks and mock stone bricks but for this project case natural stone was used. Grading is the process of proportioning, mixing aggregates bg to its sieve size.


They act as Point of communication between the board of directors and company shareholders and reporting in a timely and accurate manner on company procedures and developments.

The objective of preparing the Bill of Quantities is to contribution payments for the work executed in the site to produce an accurate work efficiently and to assist the post contract administration to be carried out in an efficient time, quality and cost-effective manner.

Set a second large stone next to the first stone near its top. Precautions on site work to ensure the specification and the strength of each structure must be use cement in the excellent condition.

The size of columns varies in size and shape for the auditorium building according to the design. This way the two large stones are paired head to head after the first stone.


Log In Sign Up. From different working areas some of them are Debre Birhan town, company name Rediete Dagim engineering and construction plc. Loss of water to the surrounding should be minimized.

internship works | Global Thinking –

I can say that I have got good lesson regarding communication skill while my stay in the company for the internship program. Excavation and earth works Earth work is the process of excavating of earth crus to reduce for the desired purpose Before any construction begin the area to be take measurements, clearing of the site and setting out work are done by decide the place to pile up the suitable excavated material and considering working space outside the building perimeter during setting out.

Tie the post to the wall using wood cleats and attach its shelf to posts, nailing it at the bottom. A bg is therefore that part of the structure which is in direct contact with the ground to which the loads are transmitted.

The following tests were taken at site during construction stage i. Remove all forms in this manner and forms were reusable, clean and store them in a dry place. Continue until the first layer is completed. Bar cut and bends Its common practice at site according to the drawing and plans bar cut was done at site I observed when they bent bars on wooden table material having welded steel plat on it.

A practice has to be all year long process and has to go hand in hand with the theoretical learning. Back ground of the hosting company 1. To read the ink used for a pixel, code like this can be used: Consultants work on the side of the client have the responsibility of conducting necessary quality control mechanisms of work to make sure that the project is being constructed as per design and specification.


Otherwise dispose of the forms. Make sure the stones are level during laying them. Another duty of project manager is preparing meetings, with different section heads for reviewing schedules, evaluate performances, better understanding of problems and solutions, and recollection of resources, removal of fears during work, accelerate plans etc… he also briefs to his boss sufficiently before the meeting between the client and the company representative.

After concrete is placed in the formwork, it has to be compacted to remove entrapped air. The auditorium building project has supported by the two types of footings which are isolated footing pads and combined footing to withstand all loads the building exerted. Due to this reason my hope was on the university industry linkage UIL which founded for the interest on having sound and fruit full relationship between the industry and university.

Contractor name Rediete Dagim Engineering and Construction plc. Therefore all the concerned bodies should be coordinate together and more think on such programs are good in my perspective. ICN file format The file format is reasonably straightforward: That is because the problems could be easily solved.