Beekes is now out in paperback, and has been since , actually, though I just found out. If the $ hard back price tag scared you away. View and download Robert Beekes, Etymological Dictionary of Greek (vols. 1 & 2 )-Brill ().pdf on DocDroid. On the back cover of each of the two volumes of Beekes’ new diction ary, the other up-to-date etymological dictionary of Greek in any language, but even.

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Bethe Bethe Erich Mallory and Douglas Q. Fraenkel b Fraenkel Ernst b: Mykenische Fossilien in Homertext?

Robert Beekes, Etymological Dictionary of Greek (vols. 1 & 2)-Brill (2010).pdf

Geschichte der griechischen Etymologika: This is a problem that has not been solved yet. Consonant and vowel gradation in the Proto-Germanic n -stems.

Greek, Latin, and Romance: No written texts exist in this language, but it is known from a considerable number of loanwords in Greek. As beeekes many times already, Beekes is basically an English translation of Frisk with updates.


Ruijgh b Ruijgh Cornelis Jord b: Starke Starke Frank Rohlfs Rohlfs Gerhard Frisk already had strong doubts about the Pelasgian theory, but nevertheless, he often mentioned the proposals of its adherents.

Sur quelques termes du vocabulaire religieux des Grecs: Zur griechischen Volkskunde und Sprachforschung, in: Sitzungsberichte der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Elferink Elferink Lambertus Johan Pinsent Pinsent J.

How to be a dragon in Indo-European: Richel Richel Albert Studies in the Greek negatives. Untersuchungen zur Frage der Tenues bdekes im Indogermanischen.

Fraenkel a Fraenkel Ernst a: On the other hand, it is difficult to explain why the suffixes do not show the same variation that we find in the root vowels.

Beekes R.S.P. Etymological Dictionary of Greek [PDF] – Все для студента

Risch Risch Ernst In brackets, I give the variants. Campanile Campanile Enrico His method, however, was correct and I have only filtered out the improbable suggestions.

Pfister Pfister Friedrich Renou Renou Louis Would you care to comment on that, Gree Two Rigvedic loanwords, in: Ofitsch and Zinko eds. Threatte Wtymological Leslie Sammlung der griechischen Dialekt-Inschriften. Vocabulorum Homericorum etyma sive ad emendat: Loenen Loenen Dirk Snell Snell Bruno Such clusters would have been simplified in Greek. This dictionary is a truly indispensable tool for those in search of a deeper knowledge of the Greek vocabulary, its history and, therewith, a better understanding of the language.


It looks as if substrate elements were not welcome there. I will shortly review the 10 15 types I call the labials 1a, etc. Diels Diels Hermann It consists of entries with thoroughly revised etymologies. Heubeck Heubeck Anton Petit Petit Daniel Morpurgo Davies Morpurgo Davies Anna: It is remarkable that Chantraine was grek aware of the problem in his Formationbut in his dictionary he often withdrew his earlier evaluation which in my view was correct.

Bergson Bergson Leif Danielsson Danielsson Dictionray August Jokl Jokl Norbert