(Un)arranged Marriage has ratings and 97 reviews. Kirsty said: This is the first book I’ve read for pleasure since I completed my 3rd year at univers. The young-adult novel (Un)Arranged Marriage is the first novel by the British- Indian author Bali Rai (born in Leicester, England). Buy (Un)arranged Marriage UK ed. by Bali Rai (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The author explores racism, poverty, domestic violence, neglect and love through the use of bildungsroman which concludes with the protagonist choosing his own path in life. Bali hopes maeriage novels capture the unique ethnic mix of the UK, of which he is proud to be a part.

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(Un)arranged Marriage by Bali Rai – Penguin Books Australia

The culture that Manny inherited is completely eclipsed as he embraces the Western culture he finds everywhere outside his home and which offers him the choices he desperately wants. And also it wasn’t hard at all to understand. However, still an enjoyable read and was happy to see Manny ultimately accepted more responsibility for his decisions, even if in hindsight — his choice for independence was positive but he lacked senstivity for some of the innocent future inlaws, etc.

My expectations of this book after the prologue was pretty different compared to the ending. Both have Punjabi friends, so they don’t speak English very well.

Bokrecension: (un) arranged marriage av Bali Rai

Set in Leicester and India, this is a compelling account of one young man’s struggle to escape his controlling Punjabi family. In this book, Rai reminds us that arranged marriages are happening in neighbourhoods like ours. It was also interesting to hear the story of arranged marriages told from the perspective of a teenage boy.

Unarranged Marriage Author s: On the final day, his father is again extremely nice to him and calm and friendly. It seems taht the author didn’t want to be either, which made the story quite underdeveloped. He agrees with Manny’s decision not to marry an unknown girl. Preview — Margiage arranged Marriage by Bali Rai. He likes to play soccer and during his spare time he does shop lifting with Manny.


He rebels by skipping school, smoking and shoplifting, but his determined family takes drastic action.

Both speak mainly Punjabi and work in a factory. I really liked this book I found it quite an unusual twist on the general picture we have in the west of girls being forced into an arranged marriage.

Since he wants to be rather British than Indian, he is the black sheep of the family. Perhaps what is most striking marrriage Manny is his complete alienation from the Punjabi culture which his family are trying so hard to preserve, and his overwhelming detachment is skillfully captured here.

He really believes that the Jat Punjabi religion is the only right way to live. Interesting and easy novel to read. I also like this book because is was modern, fresh and so easy to read if you’re not good at reading, especially if you don’t like to read in english. To ask other readers questions about Un arranged Marriageplease sign up. I understand Lisa is off abroad or something, but still.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Bali Rai Official Website. Manny is the protagonist of the novel and the first person narrator.

He feels miserable and angry and thinks everybody betrayed him. In general the book was very good, but I would have liked if there would have been less names, more details in the end and a more detailed explanation on why Manny and Lisa broke up. Imagine that Gollum would not have showed up when Frodo is going to throw the ring into the fire. I got a powerful reaction against Lisa’s break up with Manny because she was the only thing that he cared about at that time and she just abandoned him.

Bali Rai himself says: This is a brilliant debut novel and it is a refreshing change to see this issue tackled from a male perspective. Ady and Lisa are very important to Manny because they give him the chance to escape from the problems at home for a while and to talk about these problems.


At last Manny gets to know his youngest uncle Jag. British young adult novels Debut novels British novels. Dec 03, Erik Larsson rated it liked it. Stories marriaage other cultures I saw as removed from my own didn’t interest me. He is angry about his family’s point of view and he wants them to feel how life is without their son. This is such a brilliant, and easy to read book.

I got a powerful reaction against Lisa’s break up with Manny because she was the only thing that he cared about at that time and she just abandon I consider this book as a good example about the conflict between two cultures.

Manny Manrit is 13 yrs old and is dreading his 17th birthday. He wants Manjit to be a real Punjabi-man. Uharranged gives a different perspective on the matter. This book shows how difficult it is for some young people who are caught in the crossfire between tradition and culture according to their families and the unarranbed and culture of the country in which they have grown up and spent all their lives.

Had to read this for my English class, and I really enjoyed it.

(Un)Arranged Marriage

He is using slang and informal language, which in my opinion is good because it makes the book more modern than a few other books. May 07, Lukrezia Cosimo rated it liked it Marriaye Don’t think I ever would’ve read it on my own, but safe to say it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Both are British-Punjabi Sikhs and grew up in the multicultural city of Leicester.