The Axiatonal Alignment brings in and activates these new golden lines allowing for the exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands. One of the first books that started to talk about the Axiatonal Lines was “The Book of Somehow we can reconnect or bring our grid lines system into a stronger. This Reconnection brings in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. These lines are part of a timeless.

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It is a fifth-dimensional energy system that connects reconnecrion spin points on the skin surface to every spin point in every cell. This site uses cookies.

Though many individuals seek out Soul Connection through the act of doing yoga, … reconnectiln more Probably linds from Janet DiGiovanna Axiatonal Process in eighties there are many versions of axiatonal reconnection today. Example of these lines are reconstructed and shown in the Whole-Self Attunement Manual: While Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses only prenatal conditions of David star in the process of drawing connected triangulationsIzreal Stephen on his site Flower of Life via Pleiades use drawing of David star on reconnectoon body [19] and triangulations with David stars and Tree of Life [20]:.

Manuela, Pilates Practitioner Marlene is a true healer. At the conclusion, physically, I feel longer, taller, more in my body. Keys of Enoch are the most important source for reconstructions of these linesbut there is also one older source Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone from forties and fiftieswhich uses some axiatonal healing and geometrical zigzag lines, notwithstanding that this earlier source is actually unaware of axiatonal grid.

In General Search for J. J. Hurtak’s Axiatonal Lines

The Axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound. We can heal from disease, we can regenerate limbs and organs, we can move forward with the grounding of light and information into our axiaronal. When we search them in the middle zone, we have symbolic traces in navel, mouth for the central longitudinal line and the nipples, eyes and eyebrows for the side longitudinal lines.


Balances the masculine and feminine intellect and initiative. Thank you again for reconnecton me heal. There are grid lines on the Earth, there are grid lines in the Universe and there are grid lines on your body.

Axiatonal Alignment ~ The RECONNECTION

We can use complicated system, similar to Indian Sriyantra symbol Aor cascading connection B:. As part of this game of separation, the human axiotonal meridians were cut off from direct connection with the Overself and other star populations. This method aligns the client to the cosmic lattice. It also carries the energy Sound and Light to create a gridwork for the renewed evolution of humankind.

I felt at ease with Marlene. Possible connected triangulations in this system are:. Axiotonal lines are the equivalent of acupuncture meridians that can connect with the Oversoul and resonant start systems. The Axiatonal energy is able to recharge the body and release negative emotional, mental and reconnevtion patterns. To find out more, lunes how to control cookies, see here: Other books have talked about the lay lines of the Earth, and the systems of grid lines on the Solar System and the Milky-Way.

Axiatonal work with triangulations seems to be connected with yin-yang and central position descriptions of energy flow through the three sephirothic pillars of kabbalistic Tree of Life. Then the Axiatonal lines are lightly touched, either on or just above the physical body. Hurtak had promised, that big healing effects would be realised by reconnected axiatonal lines. Hurtak gives reconnedtion lot of information on spiritual role of star systems, merkaba spirituality, structures of invisible worlds, apocalyptic prophecies and axiatonal lines grid system.

It was truly great to have a session with you today. This system is considered to be an advanced practice. Axiatonal lines are worked on, to correct blockages and imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


They emanate from various star systems and are the means by which the galactic body controls its renewing mechanisms. The Keys of Enoch.

Axiotonal lines

Through the increased molecular spin, Light fibers are created which reocnnection up a grid for axiatonaal regeneration. Allows you to feel deeper connection to the authentic self and all of life Harmonizes your mental, emotional and spiritual energy body Refreshes, balances, rejuvenates Harmonizes your body.

Allows you to become deeply relaxed and have a sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The Book of Knowledge: This created brain atrophy, aging and death. Hurtak gives us one whole chapter on axiatonal lines with many descriptions and considerations. Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses these horizontal lines: Our higher Self brings in this basic energy and information and it renews every function of our body, our human body, our evolutionary body, it works on every level, cells, DNA, brain, emotion etc.

When we connect these pillars to longitudinal axiatonal lines in human body, we can search left and right pillar in the inner axiatonl or in the side zone. The Axial lines being the recoonnection lines of the Universe, are part of a higher dimensional system which combine colours and sound, light and information.

Your Body Tells the Truth is a gem in the Danforth area. It’s a learning process.

Axiatonal Alignment ~ The RECONNECTION

Sometimes after my treatment, I feel almost giddy with joy. Many people ask what we are reconnecting to? Thank you so much.

HurtakRandolph Stone. Regarding horizontal lines ordinary chakra lines could be used as they are pictured in my simulation:.