Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East it comes from and – as Joe Studwell shows – how destructive it can be. Asian Godfathers. Joe Studwell. longlist Studwell argues that greed, corruption and excess were partly responsible for the crisis and that Asia’s tycoons. Compre o livro Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia na : confira as ofertas para por Joe Studwell ( Autor).

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By Joe Studwell Buy online: Some of the bigger names you may have heard of include Hong Kong property magnate Li Ka-shing and Malaysian hotels and plantations boss Robert Kuok. Studwell explores how these families slid quietly into their positions of economic power, largely thanks to the colonial and then post-colonial politics of the region. We couldn’t help thinking of the fictionalised account of some of these families in Crazy Rich Asians ; we strongly suggest reading them in conjunction with each other.

Against an illuminating historical backdrop, Studwell explodes various myths surrounding dtudwell rise of the often silent and reclusive tycoons. More was at play here, including a system that favoured political strongmen working in cahoots with a few trusted businessmen; one maintained power, the other made money. And readers will learn how tycoons have manipulated their images by creating rags-to-riches stories that are simply untrue, but help keep them cosseted in their bubbles of wealth.

Plenty has happened sinceand yet very little has changed when it comes to breaking up the conglomerates gpdfathers wield so much economic power in Southeast Asia. We’ve seen this book described as “the best business book about Southeast Asia ever written”, and although we don’t as a rule delve into business books this is more historical political economy we gofdathers this is probably a pretty spot-on description.

Asian Godfathers is a fine book to deepen, or kick-off, your understanding of Southeast Asia’s political economy. Where are you from? Subscribe to the Mekong Review Travelfish.

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia

It focuses on the shifting fortunes of a non-Burman family swept up in the turmoil, as they take advantage of the good times and face tragedy during the bad. A Personal History of Burma by Thant Myint-U remains an important read a decade or so on for anyone keen on understanding the nuances and richness of Burmese history. Adventures in the Kingdom is a gentle, intimate look at Cambodia today. Drawing on a vast array of resources, and writing evocatively, Strangio creates a colourful and multi-layered portrait of Cambodia studwrll will add to the knowledge of even the most avid kingdom-watcher.


Phnom Penh Sights Beyond the Guidebooks. Chudori Epic, compelling, important: Chudori Pulang in Indonesian is a colourful and illuminating novel tracing the lives of Indonesian political exiles in Paris from onwards and, several decades on, their children both there and Jakarta during the upheavals and violence of British correspondent Richard Lloyd Parry brings the roiling turmoil of the era to life with asiah snappy but sensitive reportage.

Exploring the Improbable Nation is essential reading. The Day the World Exploded by Simon Winchester is the incredible tale of the Indonesian volcano that exploded into smithereens in Lawrence Stuwdell will fill your bucket list with incredible places to go.

But Afterland by Mai Der Vang is an extraordinary collection of powerful poems that excavate the humanity of those swept up in the war and the subsequent exodus of someHmong refugees to the United States.

But nothing is as straightforward as it first seems.

Trudging up with an assistant on the eve of the new millennium, he reflects on his life and its highlights and lowlights along the way. Countless cultural intricacies will surface if you read this before a trip to Bangkok. A Cultural and Literary History is an eclectic, erudite and elegant glide through the history of Thailand, with a focus on its modern capital, Bangkok.

Somtow A novel not easily defined by genre, S. It tells the story of English-educated Justin, or Little Frog, mysteriously left by his parents with his extended family in a sprawling compound in Bangkok.

R Kukrit Pramoj The late M. Rich Stories from the Land of the White Elephant is a collection of colourful snippets from various written sources about Bangkok, mostly from godfatyers s through to the s.

A review of Asian Godfathers by Joe Studwell

Chef and Thai food expert David Thompson also includes plenty of interesting history and reportage about the street food of the kingdom. Is there any chance I would make these at home? But when it comes to being pleased at holding this hot little published recipe aslan in my hand, does it matter? Everyday Popular Culture by Philip Cornwel-Smith remains a fun, offbeat examination of ordinary Thai lifestyles and culture. Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table is a memoir of avid street-food-diner-turned-blogger Graham Holliday.


Pham Eaves of Heaven: Spanning war, the fall of Saigon, gay love, families and much more, the poems may traverse sometimes familiar ground, asiian they offer fresh perspectives using language that sparkles as if its very words were diamonds. Then this is the Vietnam book for you. We admit to thinking this on hearing about The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, but given it won the Pulitzer prize for fiction earlier this year and being suckers for literary prizeswe had to give it a read.

What a refreshing, shocking, beautiful, thought-provoking read. Hanoi and Saigon is a slim, elegant book by Neil Sheehan about Vietnam in Earthbound Travels in the Far Eastsees Italian journalist Tiziano Terzani roam mostly across the Southeast Asia of the early s, introducing us to some intriguing characters and fascinating anecdotes.

Published inthe book shows a snapshot of Asia back then, a meandering and enjoyable read for those particularly interested in the region.

A Studwlel Life is for you. On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar sees godfatjers writer Paul Theroux return to the same train lines jooe destinations that he visited more than 30 years zsian. The pieces touch on a raft of issues, such as backpacker culture, overtourism, press trips and ecotourism stydwell are an interesting and at times very funny page turner.

My Life With Bob: The Ocean of the Future or, in other editions, Pacific: Silicon Chips and Surfboards, Coral Reefs and Stufwell Bombs, Brutal Dictators and Fading Empires is an erudite series of compelling historical vignettes that together create a colourful portrait of the Pacific Ocean and its modern past. Artists and the Last Age of the Exotic is a romp through a bygone era, studying the lives of six artists who left their homelands to pursue creativity elsewhere.

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