Arabian Sands (Penguin Classics) [Wilfred Thesiger, Rory Stewart] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Following worthily in the tradition of. For years I meant to read Arabian Sands, Wilfred Thesiger’s account of two punishing camel journeys during the late s across Southern. Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger’s record of his extraordinary journey through the parched “Empty Quarter” of Arabia. Educated at Eton and.

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When I first came across this book in the library I was unsuspecting of the journey it would take me on, but I find, now that I have been on that journey, I am all the richer for it. They created the world’s second largest religion, and nearly conquered the world. You can combine it with watching Wild Arabiaa BBC sahds, to see how much things have changed or remained the same.

Thesiger isn’t a wordsmith, but he sure can wax lyrical about sand and camels. For this cruel land can cast a spell which no temperate clime can hope to match.

CONDITION Blue papered bds with cloth spine, White and bright Gilt decoration and title clean and unworn, bottom cnrs bumped pp xvi with 68 photo illus, 8 maps inside and large map tipped in at rear.

Dec 22, Joe rated it really liked it. Jan 21, Bill Hammack rated it it was amazing. Lawrence, he set out to explore the deserts of Arabia, traveling among peoples who had never seen a European and considered it their duty to kill Christian infidels.

Arabian Sands – Wikipedia

I will get back to this. It’s such an interesting study of the Saudi culture by a travel writer, and also an explorer, such as Thesiger, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Middle East.

This I do not believe. The Moon’s among the stars.

Arabian Sands

I savored every word, description, character met, and landscape. But it gave him an opportunity to experience the Rub’ al-Khali, or the Empty Quarter, an experience not many outside the local Bedu tribes have had.


In their travels every grain of sand has meaning. Thesiger is the tall figure with the distinct nasal profile. Fine original cloth, spine gilt, in very good dj, headcap chipped, some minor shelfwear Edition: The writing has little emotion, instead the author conveys events as they happened, even when he was in the most danger, in an almost clinical way.

There are several things I look for in a travel book experience: I doubted sincerely that it had made me a better person. In this way there was time to notice things — a grasshopper under a bush, a dead swallow, the tracks of a hare… The very slowness of our march diminished its monotony. The British interference in these disputes also make for interesting theeiger and give a real understanding of the history of the region.

I went there to find peace in the hardship of desert travel and the company of desert peoples. Wilfred Thesiger is one of the really great travellers ever. To these tribesmen security can be bought too dearly by loss of individual freedom. The changing colors of the landscape mean something to those who travel it often. Also have his “Marsh Arabs” on my list. It was dangerous too; whilst some welcomed him warmly, others considered him an infidel even going as far to threaten his life at times.

There was no privacy and if he should attempt to have a quiet word with someone on the side everyone came rushing over to find out what was so secret. The real selling part for me was the friendship he built with members of the Bedu, and the deep understanding that existed between them.

He knew when he left he would not return.

Arabian Sands by Thesiger, Wilfred

The writing is exceptionally beautiful, the descriptions of the dunes and mountains, the plants and the animals. Twice Sold Tales Condition: Besides, you know what possession second to their camels is the most important and treasured of the nomads? It’s not often I sit back and thoroughly, and slowly, enjoy a read. Feb 28, Kate rated it really liked it.

But the same people are unequal in the world when it comes to loyalty, generosity, integrity. Thesiger himself concluded his journey: Thesiger was the liaison officer to the Greek Squadron.


Stephen Poole Fine Books. Zayid was often busy during arabiann days helping Bird with his interminable discussions with tribal sheikhs from the surrounding country. He speaks also of barbaric rites as the flaying of the penis, about looting, beheadings, chopping wilvred of hands, blood feuds and vengeful retaliations.

Jan 01, Trish rated it it was amazing Shelves: Round her waist she had half a dozen silver chains, and above them her sleeveless blue tunic gaped open to show small firm breasts. I was somewhat uncomfortable with a couple of aspects of Thesiger’s views, one being his Eurocentric bias.

Blue cloth over blue boards, lettered and decorated in gold and white. Thesiger also has the advantage of being able to write bluntly and without reservation in tones and turns of phrases that modern wilfreed might hesitate to use. Arabian Sands describes his two crossings of that region. Black and white photographic illustrations, signed on the title page by the author.

A must sanxs Wilfred Thesiger is one of the really great travellers wilfree. Now this book seems even more appealing to me. Most of the remaining bookmarks I have from the memoir deal not so much with the beauty of the desert but with the respect and the admiration of the author for the integrity, the endurance and thesigeg hospitality of his companions on the journey.

He arrived at various destinations where he would hear of the travels of other foreigners to the region ready to make their own alliances based on discovered oil. The way that he immersed himself in the desert way of life gives us an insight that very few other authors have been able to gain since. Even felt ashamed of my own unadventurousness