Correção endovascular do aneurisma da aorta abdominal: análise dos con aneurismas múltiples de la porción anterior del polígono de Willis, los cuales. saber los sintomas, factores de riesgo, diagnosticos y tratamiento video. POLÍGONO DE WILLIS Es el anillo anastomótico central que provee la mayor fuente de flujo sanguíneo colateral al cerebro. Es un polígono.

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We reviewed our experience of 23 patients with PICA aneurysms treated by endovascular occlusion with Guglielmi detachable coils and documented their long-term outcome on follow-up. Aneurismas y seudoaneurismas de injertos venosos coronarios Aneurysms and pseudo aneurysms from coronary venous grafts. Complications of endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms. The techniques used, results, and mid-term follow-up are presented.

The final certification regulations comprised three major parts: Our experience suggests that the endovascular approach, combined with adequate immunosuppressive treatment, is an excellent therapeutic option for some patients with Behcet’s disease suffering from aneurysms. In the Netherlands around 12 per inhabitants suffers a stroke, and in over Although this statement is correct, the indication to treat an UIA should be based on a correct balance between the natural history of UIA and treatment risk.

The authors proposition is to make an experimental study of two methods of cerebral protection to be used during aortic arch aneurysm resection. Background Endovascular aneurysm repair EVAR with a modular endograft has become the preferred treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysms. Endovascular treatment of intracranial arteriovenous malformations. Additionally, the cost of screening can be decreased if only individuals presenting significant risk factors, such as coronary and peripheral artery willie, smokers and relatives of aneurysm patients, are examined.

The echocardiogram revealed vegetation in native mitral valve. For this reason, we suggest that patients who have been submitted to endovascular major-vessel occlusion be followed up for up to years after the procedure, using non-invasive imaging studies ;oligono as MR angiography and high-resolution CT angiography.


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Emergency stroke care has become a natural part of the emerging discipline of neurocritical care and demands close cooperation between the neurologist and neurointerventionists, neurosurgeons, and anesthesiologists. Reporte de un caso Anekrisma treatment of an aneurysm of the descending aorta in an adolescent with Marfan syndrome. Radial artery aneurysms are extremely rare. Post-traumatic thrombosis of the abeurisma carotid artery: It is based on the detailed functional vascular anatomy described in Volume 3 and the principles and function of endovascular treatment described in Volumes The ventricular function was assessed in the M mode by calculating the fraction of ejection, and in the.

Cerebrovascular complications of HIV in children. After six days angiography and microscopic examination were performed to assess patency of the aneurysm and the presence of total or. Full Text Available We present the case of aorto-iliac aneurysm in a patient with chronic renal failure requiring dialysis who were treated with an endovascular stent graft and, later on, submitted to kidney transplantation. Stent grafting has been applied on a limited basis aneudisma patients with Marfan syndrome and other connective tissue disorders, despite recommendations from current guidelines and expert consensus statements against its use in this setting.

Treatment of thoracic aortic pathology is complicated by the morbidity associated to the surgical procedure and to the frailty of an elderly and difficult population. Crawford and Borst have described a two-stage surgery with good results, for aneurysms that affect more than one segment of aorta. Aneurysm volume was calculated so that the value did not exceed 27 times the area of the arteriotomy.

Childhood stroke following intraoral trauma. Finally, the benefit of augmented reality during endovascular procedures is discussed, along with future computerized image enhancement techniques.


This radiation-associated aillis in the swine resembles the localized lymphocytic vasculitis that we have reported in tissues of humans exposed to external radiation. Part 1 – Aneurysms of abdominal aorta.

Our objective is to provide precise definitions for quality evaluation within endovascular neurosurgery. Early endovascular treatment of superior mesenteric occlusion secondary to thromboemboli. In an effort to reduce the incidence of negative outcomes, minimally invasive techniques in the aneursima of endovascular stenting have been introduced during the past decade. Precisely defining complications, which are used to measure overall quality, is necessary for critical review of delivery of care and quality improvement in endovascular neurosurgery, which lacks common definitions for complications.

Post-traumatic pseudoaneurysms are the vast majority.

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Thromboembolic and hemorrhagic complications may occur during different phases of endovascular procedures and are related to different technical, clinical and anatomic reasons. Intimal injury was treated with a bare-metal stent. Applications have been evaluated and the results were announced in June as follows: Short- to midterm follow-up so far is satisfactory. After a year of the procedure, clinical and tomographic controls are satisfactory. In particular, the various approaches for device tracking that were proposed will poligon discussed and categorized.

Fatal late multiple emboli after endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm. Coronary angiography showed severe two-vessel disease. The procedure is quick, reliable and reproducible. In a second surgical procedure during the same hospitalization, endovascular exclusion of the asymptomatic descending aortic aneurysm was realized without complications.

The mean age was 53 years range and three were women.