Assessing formability. 4. Optimization of blank size. 5. Mapping of forming results. 6. Conclusion. One step forming simulation with HyperForm. Due to space limitations only a sample tutorial based on HyperForm is presented below. . then Altair HyperWorks then HyperMesh. A User Profiles window. manual named Altair HyperForm, 1-Step Stamping Analysis as it .. For this tutorial, please ensure the die tool component is setup with a fully.

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The two main interests vs. Forming Simulation of Woven Composite Fibers and Its Influence on Crash Performance The automotive industry, in its constant quest for weight reduction, is increasingly considering composite materials as a substitute for sheet metal components to meet future fuel consumption standards.

Tutorial file for hyperform – Altair HyperForm – Altair Forum

PWO received the CAD model, the design space definition and other pre-defined standards of the component from the customer and developed and produced the fitting cross beam based on this information. However, composite forming processes are expensive and difficult to control because of the complexity of the material behavior with fiber and matrix layers or plies and its dependency on many parameters, such as non-linearity of tensile stiffness, effect of shear rate, temperature and friction.

A modeling approach was developed and applied that allowed for rapid change of a baseline human body model into geometries representing adults with different BMIs without the need for re-meshing the models. Hence, a study on crash simulations is performed, after mapping fibers angles from stamping simulation.

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Biomedical and Life Sciences. Another topic to be discussed is the forming simulation of a composite rib and result mapping. Enhanced Formability through Hydroforming Cut sheet metal forming time and costs through simulation-based techniques. Added carrier options includes double side carrier, double side central carrier,and double side nested carrier. HyperWorks at Wagon Automotive: He carries out metal-forming simulations for major tooling suppliers and originalequipment manufacturers.


Speeding Development Time While Cutting Prototype Costs Wagon Automotive, a system and module supplier of components to major car builders, sought ways to accelerate product development and reduce prototyping costs while maintaining high quality. Thermoplastic composites TPC developed by Solvay Engineering plastics are composites based on polyamide 6 or 6. Bird Strike and Other Nonlinear Transient Analyses This webinar covers bird strike analysis on a wing, starting out with model setup, going over the impactor management and ending in the analysis of the results.

Its unique process-oriented environment captures the forming process with a suite of highly tailored and configurable analysis and simulation tools to optimize all aspects of stamped products development.

Altair HyperWorks Training – Online Learning, Tutorials, Videos and Course Schedule

Hence, numerical simulation could be a viable approach to predict material behavior during composite forming. View the Video Share: The compared result is the shear angle after stamping that is, the final angle between warp and weft fibers, at several prescribed points on the ply.

In doing so, Supreme was able to optimize the blank as well as minimize die tryouts. Mark Auto re-designed two existing dies for wheel arch an wheel housing and was able to dramatically reduce material scrap with minimum rework in their tools while not compromising on component quality. With 15 years of experience in tooling design, Weiner and his Toronto-based practice offered a service that no one else had perfected but that was crucial to a key process in automotive manufacturing: HyperForm Brochure Learn More.

Carrier Nesting Learn More. Leveraging numerical analysis, Godrej was also able to predict the size, shape and location of the blank accurately.


Define new process that includes accurate component data Altair Solution: Download the HyperForm Brochure Share: HyperForm Brochure Altair HyperForm is an industry proven comprehensive finite-element-based sheet metal forming simulation framework. Carrier Nesting Carrier option added to support nesting for progressive die use cases. The Draw Shell was simulated using HyperForm to evaluate different tooling options. HyperForm was used to check the production feasibility of the individual components and for metal forming simulation tasks.

Solid Hex Meshing the Human Lumbar Spine Computational modeling and simulation, which uses computer-based mathematical techniques, is on the verge of revolutionizing the field of medical devices. Wagon Automotive now uses HyperWorks during the entire development cycle, from concept design to optimization.

Subscribe to join our Newsletter Learn about product training, news, events and more. The variation of this angle has a strong impact on material characteristics which severely deteriorates when a critical value is reached.

View on Demand Share: Modeling techniques allow computer models to eliminate bad ideas and refine the good ones long before they leave the drawing board. HyperForm delivers hyperforn cost-effective solution to meet the demands of customers varying from individual analysts, and tool shops, and to large OEMS.

It was important for PWO to have a software suite available that could cover all simulation tasks within one graphical user interface and licensing system.

To fulfill the requirements for crash and modal analysis, the company used OptiStruct to optimize the component, RADIOSS and other external solver to run the calculations and HyperView for the post processing.

Enhanced Formability through Hydroforming Learn More.