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Con una costruzione in alluminio leggero, ti offre ulteriori vantaggi che non si ottengono solo con la matita.

Ora puoi ottenere un’esperienza ancora migliore con una protezione aggiuntiva e una clip integrata. Il design aerodinamico ti permette di tenerlo come una normale matita per il massimo comfort quando usi la tua Apple Pencil.

Non alluminjo preoccuparti di danneggiare la tua Apple Pencil quando la porti in giro. La custodia per matite Ztylus Slim ti assicura una protezione completa, pur mantenendo quella sensazione minimalista. Condividi Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Alluminio. Usi e abusi – Giuseppe Chia – Google Books

Venduto da Indoostrial e spedito da Amazon. Ztylus Slim Apple Matita Confronta offerte su Amazon. Ne hai uno da vendere? Immagine non disponibile Immagine non disponibile per Colore: Ztylus Slim Apple Matita di Metallo: Maggiori informazioni Tutti i prezzi includono l’IVA.

Dettagli Ritira il tuo ordine dove e quando preferisci. Scegli tra gli oltre 8. Con certificazione Apple MFi. I abuzi sono stati piegati a 95 gradi per volte per testarne la resistenza.

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United States Air Force Academy

Scrivi una recensione cliente. Visualizzazione di recensioni su 2. Schwarz Alu Acquisto verificato. Consulta entrambe le recensioni. I previously bought one of their other plastic version cases, and loved it for quite a while.


But about a month ago I got rid of the case for some dissatisfactions with the product and have been checking Ztylus’s page for updates. I knew they are gonna figure out what is not perfect with the previous version and come up with something new, yet here we see it. I posted some pictures, and bases my review on the experience of the fat plastic version, the bare pencil, and this metal version.

Us problem with the plastic version, in my opinion, is that xbusi is really bulky and heavy, for a pen. The designer of that case seems to be designing on the assumption that people are gonna use the pencil exactly how they use a pencil on a book: Well, at least that’s not the scenario for me. And the dimension of the plastic version made it really hard to grip in such a use case. Sometimes I even just grab it like a stick and use it.

Another well known problem of the plastic version is the charging problem.

United States Air Force Academy – Wikipedia

When you try to insert the pencil into iPad to charge, pressure applied to the pencil within the case, the case tend to slide. Browse through the plastic version’s review section and you’ll see quite a few mentionings of this. Other than these above, I personally do not have any complaint about the plastic version. I just played with this metal version a little bit, and I gotta say the company has been listening w they did made some improvements.

First, they changed some fundamental mechanisms. In the plastic version, allumniio retracting feature is implemented by moving the pencil inside the case, and that mechanism is the root of the charging problem: But in this metal version, the retraction is implemented by moving back and forth a part of the case. I tried to push, I gotta say the integration of the case and pencil feels much more reliable now.

Aeroporto Gatwick, emergenza droni senza responsabili

Also, due to the new implementation mechanism, you can charge now even if the tip is not retracted back into the case, which is not a significant feature in my opinion, but is not possible with the previous plastic version and for certain is worth bringing up.

The plastic version used some nice plastic, but still, it feels, well, plastic, and is not particularly pleasant to touch. This metal version actually looks better than abus picture they post in the description, and feels even better.

Solid aluminum, coated in good paint. Thirdly, since they reduced the dimension, the width, of the case by large, now if you are using an iPad case w Logitech create like me, it is possible to rest the case-ed pencil to the magnetic area of the iPad case now.

The stability is not robust as you would see with a bare pencil, but it is a big improvement compared to what the plastic version can offer, which is basically goodbye to magnetic resting.


Finding a place to put the pencil when I started to type, was indeed an issue that kept coming during those days. Lastly, the actual thing does not look so weird like the one in their pictures.

It gives a cold black sight, which I do enjoy. And, yes, it is not perfect, here are some catches: You have to twist much more circles to retract and extend the tip in this version. Concluding from a less than rigorous experiment, I would say the effort, measured by twisting circles, is 7 to 8 times of that required by the plastic version. I guess this is the price to pay for implementing the new mechanism.

The price is somewhat intimidating. Sometimes I mock myself for spending half the price of the pencil on a case. Wait,, I bought two: The built-in clip is fairly loose. It does its job, but it wiggles and revolves easily.

I do not so far understand why they choose to make the clip removable, since it does not look like you can buy a replacement somewhere anyways. Overall, if you do want a case, this one is really pretty awesome.

Would have been a great case that protects the Apple Pencil but after a month of usage it broke. The top and bottom parts were glued together, but it wasn’t glued well enough. It did serve its purpose for awhile and protected the tip like I anticipated it would, but I hoped that I did not broke.

I have attached some photos. My Apple Pencil now feels complete! The build quality of the Ztylus is astounding. Everything fits tightly but smoothly together. It has a good heft to it. Apple may have designed their pencil to feel light, like a wood pencil, but I’ve been using pens and Wacom tablets for so long, the naked Apple Pencil felt flimsy and cheap.

With the Ztylus it now feels like a substantial professional device.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the metal didn’t block the Bluetooth signal. The packaging is also top notch, and provides a nice presentation if this is to be a gift. Two very minor improvements: The rubber strap for the cap seems like an afterthought.

A screw on metal cap would be cool. Then we wouldn’t even need the original Apple cap. If you think your Apple Pencil feels light and flimsy, you need this. If you want the most durable and compact case, you need this. If usl want to make your Apple Pencil into an indestructible tank, you need this.