Alec Newald is a famous contactee from New Zealand. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Co-evolution. Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and. One Monday in mid-February , Alec Newald departed on what should have been a three-hour flight from Rotorua to Auckland, in New.

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I have been selected for a modified reproductive process when I return to my home planet. I would hope you may desire the chance to absorb more knowledge and understanding before you make that decision. I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the seashore and diverting wlec in now and then, finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

I shall not pursue this subject for there are more important things to discuss, but no doubt you see my point. I do not speak here of yet to be discovered historical facts, but only of material that is already known by a select few within our communities.

Exopaedia :: Newald, Alec

It made you into what you are today, which is only a portion of the greatness you can be, for you have not yet even fully recovered. SinceI have had two thirds of a jigsaw puzzle in my head. Mr Newald says he woke in spirit form and guided by extraterrestrials. Suffice to say that a section alce the British and South African intelligence community paid him a series of none too friendly visits having obviously gained some awareness of his 10 day off-planet jaunt.

Again there appeared to be no joints or seams that I could distinguish. It will be you, the people, who help the Earth to transform. When Alec did retrieve his memories of those missing nwald days, he realized his life had changed forever. Temperatures and pressures determine which state is adopted. The only way to describe how they were attached is to say they simply stuck to your face of suit-covering material without any other support.

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This ramp could also be seen from the outside of the building. Where will that leave us, the people?

The artificial methods we have been using are too slow ale hard to change. Alec Newald’s situation is unique amongst those who have tangible contact with visiting intelligences in the contemporary era.

Anything that you feel you might need to make your stay apec us more pleasant, ask and I shall do my best to supply it. There are sometimes little clues that tell you what has just happened. There would be little or nothing we could do for your people should that happen. There new species was designed to be able to take on board all the stored information that awaited it at any time in the future. I cannot elaborate on it at this time.

If light is shone at the crystal but is polarized parallel to the conducting direction, it is reflected, this giving the crystal a characteristic metallic luster. Straight ahead is in the middle, sliding it to the right side will turn us right at the next available intersection.

As we reached the second level, their main living area, I was stunned by the beauty and layout. The second one was just a little shorter and was male as far as I could tell.

Alec Newald, the Man who lived with Extraterrestrials for 10 days in their Ship (Video)

They think they are playing a game and that they are winning this game. External Links No external links were found. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However this dwelling had been constructed, similar techniques to those used in the transporter must have been employed. Yes, I had at least learnt to keep some thoughts hewald myself! It has enabled you to see more clearly the error of your ways and what must be done.


Alec Newald — The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days

Perhaps she was just being polite. I shall explain all in due course.

Yes, I had at least learnt to keep some thoughts to myself! Some say they simply died of premature ageing. My objectives in writing this book was to give a factual report on an actual akec.

Perhaps you can help us with this message. They only understand its power, not its reason for being. If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark.

The size was about right – four feet in height with a slight frame.

UFOs Australia: Alec Newald to talk in Sydney

Are you not all one people of the same flesh and blood? It is very beautiful and there are many who have desired to own it. This is really very basic knowledge. It was as if his enwald was being projected and absorbed by my body. They would operate it with their consciousness, which was an intrinsic part of the vehicle itself.

Following on from here, we end up deep within the next subject.