Abstract: This paper presents the main differences between the new coming version of the Brazilian Standard on Lightning Protection ABNT NBR and IEC. Abnt – Nbr – – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Learn about SPDA & MPS – ABNT Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at SPDA & MPS – ABNT , leverage your professional.

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Loss of life; electric Choqui when talking on the phone; Burning appliances and antennas; Computer problems; Faulty electrical network and telephony; etc.

The quality of these data has been questioned, particularly the levels in the isokeraunic map for the whole country Fig. Several technical works that abnh out the differences between the version and the new one have been presented in technical congresses [, 8, ]. Of the outer SPDA designed to intercept lightning.

The smart sensor has a plug-in modular connector that allows it to be added easily to a HOBO Station. Drawings and general provisions of abht Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Bant Sections, apply More information.

They would also like to thank the colleague members of the study group. Lightning current simulation in the laboratory – parameters, procedures and test equipment – Lightning current simulation in the laboratory – parameters, procedures and test equipment – Dipl. Pictures 10 and 11 of Part [5] have also been removed.

The new ABNT NBR 5419: Lightning Protection

At lower degree, abny changes in meteorological systems may also have occurred with time. Consequently, it addresses telephone and related systems that. Ng and even Td data obtained from modern means like LLS lightning location systems including satellite image LIS show discrepancies to the data in the abovementioned map [10,11]. Lightning current simulation in the laboratory – parameters, procedures and test equipment – Dipl.



DEHNconcept Planning of lightning protection systems www. Safety, General Approaches, Systems and Devices. Flame Retardant More information.

An experimental work [12] on joints between copper cables of different sizes and cables of same size with split-bolt connectors gave similar results. First of all it is worth remembering that nothing can be done to prevent a lightning strike in a specific place or structure. Other metal structures of the building to be protected against lightning can be used as natural captors or descent conductors such as: In the lack of those it suggests that Ng be estimated from keraunic levels Td by relation Ng 0.

Stops Rays systems should not run installed without the prior achievement of specific project by engineer authorized by the competent body. Then, tests were conducted simulating the continuing currents with a pulse current of about 00A with ms of duration charge about C. Fault location abht power cables. Introduction The load cells in the model and series are primarily designed for the measurement of force More information.

Any redistribution More information. Energy and Power Engineering,5, doi: Augustin portuguese. New Ng maps for Brazilian standards Southeast region A number of 3 samples of bare copper cable splices were tested with connectors of the split-bolt type. The data from the LLS networks are not yet suitable for use in a national standard, as they should preferably cover the entire country with a common and uniform method of measurement for 549 sufficiently long period of time.


Farr Farr Research, Inc. Fault location on power cables Fault location on power cables Contents: C 1 Section B: This is mainly due to the different conditions in the different periods of times the data were raised. Do not copy this information verbatim in specifications.

The new ABNT NBR Lightning Protection – PDF

In some samples, additional applications were made with higher currents or duration values. Cable Size Selection for Energy Efficiency Abny Size Selection for Energy Efficiency Introduction The traditional method for determining the appropriate cable size for a particular installation involves the selection of the smallest size conductor More information. After each application the samples were visually inspected and none of the samples presented any kind of damage whether electric arc, welding or melting.

March Porto Seguro S.

The cordage and ground rods are made of copper or copper-plated materials, which have low resistance to the passage of electricity. Mesh-Common Bonding Network J. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Theo Fire | ExcelĂȘncia em Engenharia de IncĂȘndio

System Design and Performance Requirements Underground Electrical Duct Bank This document provides design standards only, and is not intended for use, in whole or in part, as abbt specification. Kleber Naccarato and Dr. The new series of standard. Pressure monitoring equipment for oil-sf 6.

In the plant construction or process plants such as chemical, petrochemical, gas or power plants various disciplines are brought into contact and built on each other.